Change….life’s only constant!

Never realized a measly 6 letter word had so much power packed into its innards. So much so that the moment it happens, it has the capacity to shake mighty monoliths…. mostly into submission.
At present, it is happening to my work life.. And man I see so much of confusion all around. It is as if somebody shook me hard, blurring the vision completely.
All clarity is lost at the moment and confusion reigns supreme. I choose not to use the word ‘uncertainity’ because, there is nothing uncertain about the change and the effect that it is poised to bring with it. There is only confusion because the immediate future looks ambiguous.

The reactive thinker in me says …. all’s lost quit ship!! But the proactive part of me urges to wait. To wait and to watch closely. This just might be the chaos, which may bring out the opportunity that I seek. So i guess this time around too (as always) I will stick to my proactive side, eventhough the idea of the reactive me, is tantalizing to say the least!

Wait and watch is what my mind says! …… and wait and watch, I will


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