On the picture in my profile …..

This photograph of me with the red car has manged to get me several brickbats in the past. Whoever I knew for a long time, saw the profile, got back to me with a flame mail or a phone call that why didnt I tell him/her that I bought a vehicle…
And then I would eventually pacify them and explain to them that the vehicle in the picture is not mine, it is just a co-incidence that I wore a red T shirt that day and it matched with the vehicle, which belonged to a friend of mine.. But then that pic does make it look as if I owned the car…

So, Finally the day came in my life (yesterday) when I was equipped to change this picture once and for all with a photo of my *own* car, which I got yesterday. Hahaha.
And this time I ensured that the people who matter know it well in advance so that in case they happen to see my blog, they are not surprised…

And i do admit that this milestone in my life was achieved due to gods blessing and the good wishes of all those friends of mine..



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bharadwaj Dayala says:

    Thank you for the good wishes. Please keep visiting the blog and do click on the ads and generate funds for bhardwaj. His trip is unsponsored and we are trying to raise money through the blog…

    And spread the good word around…

  2. Mustang says:

    thts cool mate..

    ride safe with your new ride.


  3. wise donkey says:


    i saw ur msg in tagboard, perhaps u know me as G in o3,

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