The Quora conundrum

Of late, I have been quite active on this new website (ok not so new website) called It is sort of a reverse google where the people have the answers to questions posted by other people. And as one would expect, there just happens to be a bustling topic called “fitness” and its several cousins like “exercise”, “workouts”, “diet” etc etc. You get the point.

Quite predictably, I am subscribed to those topics on I realize that there is a whole bunch of people out there who are anxious about diet and fitness and they want answers to their fitness queries. And they ask these questions about a myriad of items ranging from the rather benign “how to get fit?” to the more ridicule inducing “How to lose 20 kilos in 2 weeks?”. And I do enjoy answering them because it is a topic close to my heart and I have spent a lot of time in this area. A lot of my experiements with fitness have taught me a lot of good lessons. So, when I see those questions I just want to help those folks in need. Ok so, why am I writing about it here? Well, thanks to all that participation, my own blog seems to be a bit left out. I don’t seem to be blogging as frequently anymore – certainly not at the pace that I once used to. Part of the reason is that all my writing energies are now getting an outlet on quora.

So I have decided to write weekly here on my blog and try to compile the essensce of all my answers on fitness, during the week, into a knowledge article on my website. That way I can keep up both the places. OR perhaps I would simply pick an question and work on an answer that I can publish here and also link it to as a response to the original question.

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