Weekend D-I-Y project: Install a pin board at my home office desk.

Ever since I got a home office made, I left a provision for a pin-board which was always supposed to go the D-I-Y (“Do It Yourself”) path. But what I did not account for was the great expertise I had acquired in the area of procrastination. The wall has remained ugly for a little over 2 years and I’ll admit, I have thought about getting the pin board installed every single time I sat down to work there.

The Customary "Before" pic
The Customary “Before” pic

Finally today was that special day, when my ugly wall got a D-I-Y make over and the cold pint afterwards made me share everything online LOL!!!

After much a do, a couple of weeks back, after much searching I got myself a 2ftx4ft pin board (even after that most important hurdle, the board waited a couple of weeks for salvation!). My original intentions were to install a ‘corkboard (like it is done elsewhere in the world), but unfortunately here in Bangalore, wherever I went, nobody understood what I wanted, when I asked for ‘Cork Board’! Eventually found one store, who very helpfully asked, are you looking for a notice board/pin board? My heart almost skipped a beat when I panted out a “YES”. Then I got a little gyan that pin board is the “only” material used for notice/bulletin board purposes. OK! Yeah, I was cool with that. Further I found out that what was being sold was 1/2 inch thick cardboard. With no other option in sight and my growing frustration, I just grabbed a 2ftx4ft, custom cut board and tossed it in the car.

After being part of my room decor for a couple of weeks, this what happened to it! Here’s a picture of the materials.

All the Materials
Hand Saw; Cloth; Board.

Once I had all the material together, I set to work, taking measurements. The hand saw was needed because I knew in advance that the board was much larger than what I needed. I had to saw off a couple of inches from the length as well as breadth of the board, to make it fit in the enclosure demarcated for it.

After finalizing the measurements and getting together all the tools in one place, I took a deep breath and began sawing away. Past this point, there was no looking back!

Resized to fit!
Re-sized to fit!

After the board was cut, I pasted the cloth on to it, with the synthetic adhesive and while I was all excited to see it taking shape, the wall was also quite eager for it’s makeover!!

Bring It On, Baby!!!
Bring It On, Baby!!!

And then there was the big moment of installing it. It was a good fit but jutting out a couple of millimeters around one corner. I just had to hammer it into place. Once all set, it was picture time for the Finished Look!!!

IMG_0500 IMG_0499

And the After Pictures :)
And the After Pictures 🙂


Total time spent on this project was 55 minutes – start to finish!

Total Cost: INR 495.00

  • Pin Board (2 x 4) – INR 220.00
  • Cloth – INR 120.00
  • Synthetic Adhesive – INR 65.00
  • Hand Saw – INR 90.00
  • That Freakin’ Awesome Feeling Of Accomplishment – “PRICELESS!!!”

Nothing beats the satisfaction of completing a D-I-Y Project and then relaxing with my favorite pint!!

Earned It!
Earned It!


So what are your favorite D-I-Y projects? Have you done any recently? Would love to hear your experiences.

Happy Weekend!!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunil says:

    Congratulation Sir! Well done! 😀

  2. Sunil says:

    Better Ergonomics that office desk.. I’m sure WFH is going to be a sheer pleasure.

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