My little time capsule

This has been something that I have wanted to do for a while. Yesterday was my 37th birthday and I wished to create my own little time capsule (of course, a digital edition through this blog); something that I would come back and look at with a whole mix of emotions.

While I started at it yesterday, it just got sidelined by all the other stuff lined up as part of celebrating THE day! I am back hammering away at it and here it is.

An image snapshot of the front page of yesterday’s newspaper, showing what transpired around the world, on my birthday.

And in case you wanted to know how I did that:

  • Opened
  • Downloaded the page as PDF
  • Googled for PDF to JPG converters
  • Picked this one > and uploaded my PDF
  • Voila! Got the below image 🙂

So what did you do to commemorate your big day?



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