WFH (fitness edition)

I am sure most people in my circle of friends, from IT industry, will definitely sit up and take notice, thanks to the title of this blog post. Working from home or “WFH”, as it is commonly known is one of the small luxuries that is enjoyed  by the folks of the IT industry (at least some of them still do – Sorry, Yahoo! employees). But the similarity ends there. My post does not deal with the process/benefits/pitfalls of connecting remotely to your office network and working, instead of commuting and physically being there. Instead, I am going to talk about a different type of WFH and it’s benefits. It is called WORKOUT FROM HOME!

For the past one month, I have STOPPED going to the GYM (And once again, i can feel a whole bunch of peeps lift their head up, smile and say to themselves “we knew he’d quit one day” – LOL! sorry to bust your bubble – AGAIN)

This is one of those times, when life threw a challenge at me and instantly provided an opportunity for getting creative. We have 2 kids aged 5 and 1+ and during the days when I used to frequent the gym, my wife would be at home and take care of them. In the bargain, she’d always end up not being able to get any exercise. So with the goal of helping my wife train, I decided to quit going to the gym and train at home – no – I decided to WORKout FROM HOME!

Once the decision was made, it was quite simple there on. We decided on the equipment and got ourselves the following:

  1. One Set of adjustable dumbbells – upto 20kgs (40lbs.) weight.
  2. One aerobic stepping platform
  3. One inflatable gymnastic ball.

Other than that, I already have a set of adjustable dumbbells with 32kgs (70.4lbs) weight, an e-z curl bar and a yoga mat – for the days when I didn’t feel like hitting the gym. The new equipment cost about Rs.6000 but I can tell that it was money well spent.

Once the equipment was in, I put together a basic 6 week progressive conditioning program for both of us (I needed one as I just returned from a business trip from US, totally out of shape 🙂 ). It is a 6days a week x 1 hr a day plan with Sunday marked as rest day. After 6 weeks of this, we will switch up the plan and take it to the next level (as of this post we are on week 4).

Here it is:


  1. 3-4 minute warmup (any of the following: spot jogging; step ups; lunge walking) followed by a full body stretch.
  2. 5 sets of Push ups (set your total number target based on your current strength and make weekly increments).
  3. 3 sets x 10 Standing Dumbbell Press (Shoulders)
  4. 3 sets x 10 Standing Lateral raises
  5. 3 sets x 10 Bent Over rows (with dumbbells)
  6. Abs. [Any one of the following Combos]
    1. 5 sets of leg raises
    2. 3 sets of leg raises & 2 sets of gym ball crunches (alternating)
    3. 3 sets of 1 minute plank and 2 sets of floor crunches

One minute or less rest between each set.


  1. 3-4 minute warmup (any of the following: spot jogging; step ups; lunge walking) followed by a full body stretch.
  2. 5 sets x 15 of body weight squats. [At this point, my wife is unable to do squats due to existing knee problems; so I am making her do more leg extensions, which she can do without issues – since we don’t have a machine, we improvised by sitting on the dining table and clasping a vertical dumbbell between the toes!]
  3. 3 sets x 15 standing leg curls with 1kg (2lbs.) ankle weights.
  4. 3 sets x 12 alternate dumbbell curls (biceps)
  5. 3 sets x 12 hammer curls (OR e-z bar curls)
  6. 3 sets x 12 lying triceps extensions [the aerobic stepping platform, fill in beautifully for a bench]
  7. 3 sets x 12 one arm triceps extension (standing)

One minute or less rest between each set.

The direct benefit of this arrangement is that now:

  • We like to train with each other so – that is extra motivation!
  • We are right here at home, in case any of the kids decides to wake up early or needs care.
  • It is always great to have a workout partner – adds to the commitment factor. Even better if your workout partner is also your life partner!
  • Our potential excuse to quit, just became our reason to succeed!

Our supplement plan for now includes ON 100% Gold Standard Whey; ON AMI N.O; Dynamatize Casein accompanied by minor tweaks to our diet plan. So that’s our little plan –

Have you tried to WFH 😉 ? Do share your thoughts and experiences with working out at home in the comments section.

Note: Standard exercise reference can be found at

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  1. I’m very happy to find this great site. I need to to thank you for ones time just for this wonderful read!! I definitely liked every bit of it and I have you saved as a favorite to see new information on your web site.

  2. Manjula says:

    A good booster for over weight and obese citizens…!! Thanks. I think I will try the 6 week conditioning program without hitting it at the gym..

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