Reviewing the Do Work 4 – Workout music CD

At the outset, I’d like to thank @GymBooty for sharing the DoWork4 CD and providing an opportunity to review it.

Having already reviewed the DoWork3 workout mix, I almost knew what to expect – just mind blowing music. And I can say that the DoWork4 mix does live up to expectations. It has been making my workout upbeat, for the past couple of days.

Last time around the theme for the songs was “I do this for me”. This time it is “Build a better body” and the beats just lure you to push harder at that one last elusive rep, that you would have otherwise given up on 🙂

DJ D.O.A MixTape Killah does what he is best at – mixing tunes that just rock the body and mind. And this time it was a pleasant surprise to find an old MJ Classic – PYT. It has been one of my long term personal favorites.

Some of the other songs, that caught my fancy are:

  • 03 Titanium – David Guetta FT. Sia
  • 09 Bangarang – Skrillex FT. Sirah
  • 15 Thrift Shop – Macklemore FT. Wanz
  • 18 Love Shack – The B-52’s


So what are you waiting for? Go get the amazing DoWork4 CD and rock those workouts.

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