The importance of a spotter, in body building

A lot has been written about body building, nutrition, correct form, etc, etc. And even more on the variety of exercises available to exhaust each body part, from head to toe.
But there is one aspect, which is often been ignored or for that matter, taken for granted, and that is ‘the spotter’. A spotter is the guy, whom you rely upon to eke out those last 2-3 painful reps out of your set. He is the person, who will keep a watch over your form and is  literally the last line of defence when you are drained of all your strength during a set.
For most people the spotter is usually also their regular workout partner, but for folks who workout alone, it is a bit of a challenge to identify a good spotter, who can help one push one’s limits in the gym. We all reach a plataeu in our workouts, a stage where we are only slogging away but the results seem elusive. If you have a spotter then this situation can easily be overcome, as there will be an external stimulus to help you push yourself harder and achieve your goal.
In my opinion, a spotter is a great to have during a workout, because:
1. He can keep a watchful eye on your form, and prevent gym accidents.
2. Can push you beyond your perceived limitations.
3. Motivate.
4. Provide support during sets.
5. Help you eke out a few negatives at the end of your set (this one is my favorite 🙂 )

So if you have plans of getting into serious body building, or heavy lifting, it pays to identify a spotter, as early as you can!
Happy lifting 🙂


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