Life’s a whirwind

While my blog shows signs of complete inactivity, there is a flurry of activity going on in my life.

  • Recently I moved to a new role at work. Still settling in with all the new meeting schedules and late evening calls.
  • We decided to finish of pending interior work on the house and are working with an interior guy to get that project moving.
  • I took up music last year (learning guitar) and am pretty much juggling my calendar around to find practice time.
  • In January we enrolled our baby to a Montessori school.

Well, lots and lots of changes within a short span and I am just trying my best to adjust and adopt to them without disturbing our lives too much!
I hope to settle down in about a month or two, and that’s when the steady blogging will begin once again. 🙂 Until then, will try to post intermittently.

In fact, even putting up this small little note feels great!!

On the upside:

  • I am still working out.
  • I am still eating right.
  • Stress levels are very much under control. and.
  • I am having fun – that’s the most important thing!

So how have you been lately? Keep those comments coming!!!



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