What would you do with a million dollars?

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International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

A million Dollars? tax Free?

I guess I’d just scream WOW and blank out for a few moments.. LOL!!

A million bucks is a lot of money. And when you take away that dreaded thing called tax, it just couldn’t sound sweeter. It would be quite a life changer.
I do maintain a life list on this blog and I could use a million bucks to check off a lot of items. Who knows I just might have to make an entirely new list. So here’s my box of desires:::

  1. For starters, I will take a moment and count the zeros that make a million. LOL!!
  2. I wish to Drive a Mercedes S-Class by 40 – Now I could actually buy one.
  3. Now that I am pushing thirties, and have a small family, somehow, this investment thing keeps cropping in my head quite frequently. Maybe not everything but perhaps 25% is a good number to keep aside, and let it grow into another million over time.
  4. I’d love to have a month long vacation at Vegas (oh! is a million enough for that? Not sure, but what the heck..)
  5. “Finally” build my multi-media hub.
  6. …whoa…never expected that I;d run of stuff to do with a million bucks…


So what would you do with your million? Do share your thoughts.

Happy Weekend Folks!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. boyonabudget says:

    WOW!! A million?
    1. Give 2 weeks notice at work
    2. Give 10% to church
    3. Pay off the house and credit card
    4. Pre-pay my son’s college
    5. open a coffee shop/bakery
    6. write when there were no customers to talk with

    Vegas??? There are so many more wonderful places to visit with the small family in USA. How about the orange groves in Flordia, peach farms in Gerogia and apple orchards in Virginia?

    Good luck with your life list:)

  2. anandspeak says:

    Thanks for stopping by & sharing these wonderful location ideas, Kathleen.

  3. There’s no way I’d go anywhere near Vegas if I had a million. It wouldn’t last a day with my luck.

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