Happy new year 2011! introspection & aspirations…

New Year's Eve 4Another new year is born. And with it, are born, hundreds of new hopes and aspirations. The hope to thrive, the hope to grow, the hope to succeed.

This time of the year, indeed, is very special, as it provides that all elusive frame of mind, for introspection. To look back and to reflect on life, as it has been, in the past year. And to choose, how it should be in the year to come.  A time to get together with family and friends, and a time to rejoice.

2010, came in and went with its numerous highs and lows.

  1. One of the high points of 2010 for me was that we became more health conscious, as a family.
  2. My wife as well as I, got our Annual health Checkups done and have taken remedial actions.
  3. I became stronger and fitter than before.
  4. Career-wise it was a rather stable year with not much changing, except for the organization structures 🙂
  5. Our daughter is now 3+ and is extremely active. We really look forward to putting her in a formal school next year, when she becomes 4.
  6. I reconnected with a lot of old buddies thru Facebook. Got to meet some of them in person, this November, during my annual vacation. It was an fantastic feeling.
  7. I stopped playing FarmVille as early as Jan’10 and have been stayed away ever since :).
  8. The low point of the year was the loss of two of my wife’s family members (an aunt and an uncle) in quick succession. Loss of life is always a difficult truth to accept, and 2 in a row makes it even worse.

Now that 2011 has rolled in, I look forward to a great year ahead. This year,  I will focus on my family, relationships and fitness.

So how was your past year? Was it good/ok? What are your aspirations for 2011?

Do share your wonderful thoughts by leaving a comment.

Cheers & A happy new year to you.

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