In search of the 25th Hour….

I think I will need to work really really hard at this. Because the 25th hour is the one thing, that I would like to gift to my friends and family, so that they can use that one hour, for doing (or not doing) stuff!  This “no time” excuse, seems to have become so all encompassing, that sometimes, I have really wonder, why people are whirring away like a purposeless clockwork toy?
No time for fun, no time for family, no time to just relax…Oh My god! That really sounds all too impossible, does it?

Why should it be? Do you have ideas to prioritize and have managed to fit your life in 24 hours, perhaps even with some time to spare to chill out? You are welcome to share your ideas here.


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  1. The good news is “We have all the time there is…”

    The bad news is “We have all the time there is…”

    In other words, if you have no time for something, it’s because you haven’t made it as high a priority as something else.

    The mantra I’ve been working is ” I can do anything I want. I just can’t do everything I want…”

    That seems to work pretty well with this.

    I also find having a Life Mission helps me give mytime to the things that are important to me, as opposed to the things society tells me I should want. I have some posts on my blog at about finding your Life Mission, if that’s of interest to you. Come on by and visit.

    Hope this helps


    1. anandspeak says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Thank you for stopping by & sharing your thoughts. Yes I will surely checkout the link.
      In fact, time is not MY problem but something I find in the people around me. I have a fairly full life, and by gods grace, I am able to pursue a couple of my interests too, alongside fatherhood, husbandhood, etc. etc.

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