The 5 advantages of a dirty car

Image Courtesy: / CC BY 2.0

A Very Dirty Car

It has been a while since I had some fun with my blog. Moreover, this morning, I spent some effort washing my very very dirty car and this thought actually popped out of nowhere. Why don’t I blog about the virtues of having a completely dirty car? Part of the reason for it is, I get so irritated about the fact that after washing, the car does not remain clean even for a full day. The other most important reason is to just ramble about the fact that I took time out to do something that actually did require some action!

So just for kicks, here are 5 funny advantages of an absolutely dirty car:

1. Inconspicuous – If your car is all shiny, it is literally screaming for attention. It suddenly catches the attention of vandals and thieves alike! Especially irrtating are the street kids, who’d simply want to scratch the paint, just for fun. But no one bothers a dusty dirty car. They just let it be.

2. Saves water – In the third world (hmm…is that phrase still allowed??) water is precious. So washing your car every day is quite a luxury that may be frowned upon. So it is better to leave it dusty/dirty, in the larger interest of the environment and to tackle water scarcity.

3. Contributes to education – Whenever my car is dirty, the street kids never miss an opportunity, to practice their writing skills, especially so that my car is a black beauty. It somehow gives them the feeling of a real black board, to be able to write their feelings OR simply practice the alphabet. Of course, much to my irritation.

4. Right of way – A dirty car usually creates the impression of a reckless owner. So when you are in a hurry, and have a dirty looking car, just floor it and I can guarantee that people will make way 🙂 It is indeed fun to watch the ocean of vehicles part, just to make sure your ‘dirty’ car passes without touching anyone.

5. Impromptu Graffiti board – A really dirty car, actually prompts people to awaken the artist in them. Somehow, people find it very amusing to make graffiti out of the muck on the car. But then did you ever realize that your absolutely soiled and dirty car is promoting art in such a big way???

Hope you enjoyed it. And did you just decide to let your car get all dusty and dirty…. 😉


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