Anand Vs. The Belly Fat!

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It has been a couple of weeks, since I began my getting back into shape journey. I am in reasonably good shape, and have resumed running gradually too. In fact, this week, I achieved a new personal milestone at 2.5kms. Now there is only one problem area that i need to focus on – the little tyre around my waist, that has stubbornly withstood all kinds of workouts, of course I must admit, that while reconditioning myself, I have, focused so far only on strengthening the upper and lower body with not much focus on abs exercises.
At this point I would like to clarify, that there is no such thing as “spot reduction” in physical fitness, and I do not want to mislead you into believing that I am working on my body ‘one part at a time’ – NO Sir!. Workouts have to be targeted at the entire body and the body on, as a whole, must get into shape.

Coming back to my challenge. I have taken it upon myself to get rid of this spare tyre over the next 4-6 weeks. And towards that end, I have included 2 new items in my daily workout.

  1. Running.
  2. Some aerobic activity.

As for the running part, I have always been a bad runner. Probably because I was never a natural athelete. Well, I guess at some point we all start blaming the genes. But having said that, I used a very simple method to get into running.

I found a ground that is approximately 0.5 kms in circumference. And started to walk for about 8-10 rounds there. Gradually started to replace couple of rounds of walking with jogging. Eventually, I have reached a stage where I do 10 rounds, 5-walk and 5 run, alternatively. They give me a great combination benefit and the end result is that my running capabilities are gradually increasing.

The other thing is that every other day I do the exercises in this video, that I discovered on youtube. Warning! this exercise may not be suitable for everyone.

While the weight loss needs to be gradual, including these exercises in my routine has given me a feeling of progress. Looks like in a couple of weeks, real results will start to show. In fact I would like to post some before after pictures too, if I find the time.


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  1. Krithika says:

    Hey Anand,

    Looks like the changes you are making include your blog as well!! Nice new look.

    Interval training might help you. As the intensity is higher and the body gets to work in different speeds it seems to really do the job.

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