ALL motivation is SELF-Motivation!

Recently, I had the chance to attend a 3 day workshop on “Essentials of Management”. One of the facilitators, threw this paradigm at the class. He said “Excellence is voluntary” – and exhorted us to build on that thought. And during that discussion, the thought developed in to something like, “Excellence is voluntary because ALL MOTIVATION IS SELF MOTIVATION!”

Hmm…. Food for thought indeed. All this while, I used to assume that human beings can ‘motivate’ each other. But after participating in this discussion, I have had a paradigm shift! I now know that I “CANNOT” motivate anyone at all. I can, at the most, ‘INSPIRE’ them to motivate themselves. WOW! Never thought of it that way! The take away here, is that instead of fretting and fuming about not being able to motivate another person, I’d rather be working on my own excellence, so that I end up inspiring a couple of other people to do the same.

That thought, of course is open ended. SO I;d leave it at that….Open to discussion to anyone who would like to debate on it.

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