Sticking to sanity during sickness.

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The handful of readers, who take the trouble of visiting my blog, must have noticed that I have not written anything so far in July. And July is almost doing its last leg right now. But I do not intend to leave July, devoid of my thoughts on this blog 🙂
Around the first week of July, I was taken down by a severe bout of viral infection (Very high fever and excruciating body ache). While I was rendered virtually immobile by my situation, it also set my mind into ‘reflection’ mode. This is one situation, where it is very easy to slide into depression, due to one’s inability to do even regular every day tasks, forget about the more strenuous ones. I also faced several setbacks due to this ill timed illness, like below:
1. I lost the challenge! I had taken the 100 push ups challenge and my target date was August 1, 2009. But this fever has set me back by 3 weeks. In fact, this week I felt completely cured, but I was also completely out of shape and had lost all the progress that I made during the 3 weeks.
2. I lost focus from my life’s goals: I was prepping myself to take a product certification, at work, but I could no longer work towards that. It was one of my professional goals. Another goal was to work on a small business plan, that got shoved to the cold storage. I hope to revive working on it sometime this week.
3. I was unable to play with my daughter: My little girl is the joy of our lives, and I just had to avoid any type of contact with her, lest she catch the virus. Every time that she came running up to me, I had to gently move her away. Pure torture.

But in spite of all this and the physical pain, I did not lose heart. I held on to my faith. The below thoughts have helped me sail through those difficult two weeks.

  • I accepted the situation “as-is”. I did not fight with it. Of course I did get emotionally disturbed for a short while and was plagued by the “why-me” syndrome (After all I am only human). But the key is that I do not let it last too long.
  • I have been in a physically debilitating situation before too. My secret to keeping my sanity is that I always kept thinking about the time, when I was “completely fit”, out there, enjoying life, riding my bike and so on. That vision and that image, usually is very uplifting for me, and momentarily I forget about my current discomfiture.
  • I kept telling myself that it is going to get over sooner than later. Continuing the previous point, my visualization of the fitter me, usually comes with the strong thought that I am going to get back to that fit state, in due course.
  • Whenever I was awake, I tried to divert my attention away from my illness, to something that is comfortable. For example, watch funny TV show, chat with my wife, watch my daughter’s antics from a distance, and so on.

Staying positive helped me a great deal to get over the ordeal and get back to normal. I still have not resumed working out, as my body feels week. But I am sure that come Monday, I will resume my active lifestyle with a bang.

Although, it is very unfortunate to go through a rough patch in life, yet, life keeps throwing surprises at us. And I would love to know what you do to tackle depression and keep your sanity, when life throws a lemon at you.

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