Are you still receiving promotional junk sms? Read on!

I am completely fed up with my cellphone, constantly beeping with messages every now and then. And I have a tendency to read whatever message shows up, more out of curiosity. Unfortunately most of the messages are junk, promotional messages from vendors, who I don’t even know, exist.
Quite a heartburn because I am officially registered with the National Do Not Call Registry, as far back as August 2007. I do admit that the number of unsolicited phone calls has reduced drastically, but it certainly had resulted in an onslaught of sms.

Here’s what you can do:
1. Call 1909 (toll free) from your cellphone, to check your dnd registration status.
2. Follow the IVR menu to choose your options.
3. To register a complaint, you need to tell them the sender id, from where you are getting these sms messages, and they will take your complaint.
4. Your complaint number will come to you as an sms (arrgh! not again.)
5. You can call 12115 for the status of your complaints.

Some of the senders from whom, I received junk sms, are as under:

  • TM-MKT50:50
  • TM-MlorejWl
  • TA-ISL2020
  • TA-BigBazaar
  • TA-HomeCntr
  • TM-70MM!

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  1. ബിജിത്‌ :|: Bijith says:

    I completely agree with you. You don't want to receive an AMC sms in between a meeting !!!

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