Racism, Down Under!

It is indeed quite unexpected. But then in today’s day and age, the mantra seems to be ‘expect the unexpected’. The “unexpected” that I refer to here, is the racist attacks on students and individuals of Indian Origin. More than shocking, it is disgusting, that in a country like Australia, stuff like this is happening at an alarming frequency.
There is a new incident every other morning and the Aussie government does not seem to be doing enough about it. Infact they seem to be completely relaxed about the whole thing. And they claim that these are “stray” incidents, that must not be treated as racial violence. If this is NOT racial violence, than what is?
Almost all the cases reported have one common thread to them. At some point during the assault, their Indian Origins was brought up and was they were beaten up for it.
This needs to be condemned. Just how would they feel if some Australian is rounded up here and India, and our boys beat the crap out of that person? From the way things are it is only a matter of time, before some crazy dude actually goes ahead and does this.
The Aussie govt. needs to act fast and curb this menace. As of now, they are doing nothing to generate a feeling of confidence among the people coming there from other countries.

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