A much needed vacation

As far back as early 2008, I haven’t had a decent break. And As luck would have it, even between change of jobs, I never got to take a break. e.g. Last day of old job on Friday and first day of new job on Monday! Now that I have settled down a bit, it is that time when my mind and my body have announced …. “Enough is enough!” I am taking a week long break and the highlight of this mini-vacation would be doing nothing! Why must one necessarily do ‘something’ all the time??
Even as I ask this *holier than thou* sounding question aloud, I have little small insignificant things quietly sneaking their way into my mind’s automated to-do list :-p. Ok to sound a little more realistic….I will try to ensure that I do nothing most of the time. Ah! That brings me closer to terra firma :).

Let us see how successful I am! In fact the frame of mind with which I will return to work on the second Monday from today, would be ample evidence of the fact whether I really got around to doing Nothing? Or Did I end up doing what I always end up doing….something or the other that is.

Quite a thought to ponder huh??? What do you all think?

Do you think the time of ‘Do-Nothing’ vacations has finally arrived? DO share your thoughts!!

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