A victim of wanton greed.

I had decided to keep the topic of contentment as the theme for this month and run some good thoughts through on this blog. But I never expected to write about quite the opposite. Greed.

This past week has been a distressing one because there is a lot of heat generated from the proposed Metro Rail Project in Bangalore, that threatens to destroy Lalbagh, one of the city’s last remaining green space. This Friday, there was a human chain around the area, as a mark of protest, but as I read in the newspaper, the powers that be, remain unmoved! And it looks like the development will proceed as planned – and to everyone’s horror – maybe a couple (or may be all) trees that fall in the path of the development, will be felled!
What a pity it would be. Lalabagh, is indeed a very beautifully landscaped green are, that is used by many a bangalorean for his morning walks. I have infact seen people living at quite a distance from the place, actually drive down there, and then talke a walk in its green environs. My first visit to this place a couple of years ago, co-incided with the annual flower show and while I admit that it was not like one of the seven wonders of the world, but the greenery had a certain calming effect on me.And that, I believe, is becoming more and more precious in today’s day and age of mindless infrastructure development, without any thought or concern to the ecological balance.
Talking about the greens, closer home, another sad event happend. There was a tree – a mighty huge one – right in front of my house, that was felled because it touched someone’s property. Oh the sight of that tree after it was cut to cinders was heart wrenching.
Just for the sake of posterity, I took a picture of what was left of a once mighty symbol of life! What is left of it is a sad looking stump of wood with some broken concrete. More than sorrow, it brought about a feeling of horror in my mind, when I thought about this happening to every tree in the city. Oh gosh! it is scary indeed.

I just hope that the beautiful trees of Lalbagh don’t meet with a similar fate. And this article, is my way of protesting against any infra-dev project that threatens to destroy Lalbagh. I can only hope that my readers also support it just enough by commenting on the issue and spreading the word.
Lalbagh, must live! Probably it is the best possible gift that we can ever think of giving to our future generations.

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  1. Metamorphosis says:

    Lalbagh must live! It has some of the older surviving trees in Bangalore. Their sizes are amazing. To use a cliched saying – they must have so many stories to tell. But it is not for the sake of developement that the trees are being brought down but for free timber.

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