If this is not contentment, then what is?

This month, I had decided to run a series of articles (mostly guest posts) on the topic of contentment. And I have been thinking about what to write, or rather how to write it for a while, because I have been visualizing my article to be a kind of cook book to attain a contented state. Indeed very naive of me.
This morning, all that thought actually changed. I realized that contentment, and that satisfied smile, cannot be manufactured through a step1, step 2, step3….. hack. That does nothing more than over complicate an already mixed up existence. Instead, the best way to be happy is to identify what makes you happy, and get there!
For example, each day, during my morning walks, I pass through a particular are, where the road happens to be on hilly plain. Although it is right in the middle of the market, but in the early morning light, it just looks fabulous and gives me immense happiness, just to look at that path. Every morning, I’d be frustrated about the fact that I forgot to carry my camera, to capture the beauty of that scene & and subsequently, every morning, I’d make a mental note that I shall carry my camera ‘tomorrow’.
Today, I ensured that I carried my camera and I clicked a few pictures of that area (will post them from home). It certainly gave me immense satisfaction. Not that I am an ace lens man. I just use a simple point an shoot Digital Camera. But the fact that I did something which I wanted to do, and had not been doing for a long time (for no apparent reason), I realized – THIS is contentment.
Another area of interest, that I nurture is excercise. Now for the past couple of weeks, my mind has always been preoccupied with something or the other, especially while working out. So the net effect was that I always ended up tired, doing a sub-standard workout routine. Today I decided to psych myself up and concentrate completely on the workout and nothing else. And Man, what a feeling it was. I simply enjoyed the 35 minute intense workout, consisting mostly of pushups and ab-crunches. But the feeling was simply awesome.

All these experiences made me realize the fundamental thing about being content and that is to clearly identify what you like to do and then cut back on the clutter and just do it!

If this is not contentment, then what is????

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  1. loveleen says:

    Well said Andy!!

    We keep looking around for contentment while it s within us.. just have to look at the simpler things of life.. i indulge in this therapy too.. for instance while driving to work I pass by India Gate and then really look at it.. and the greenery around..and feel lucky that i pass through this monument everyday ..this monument which any visitor to delhi would not like to miss.. 🙂

    Also absolutely enjoy the impromptu photoshoots that me and Amit go for once in a while.. CONTENTMENT is the word for the feeling that i get when I do that!

    This reminds me of a quote i recently came across- about ‘happiness’ – which is another word for contentment.. right?

    ‘I accept life unconditionally. Life holds so much- so much to be happy about always. Most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can be felt only if you don’t set conditions.’

    Cheers to life :)!!

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