The night

Here’s an interesting thought shared by a fellow blogger and a good friend, Krithika, who just experienced pure contentment. Krithika Blogs as “Metamorpohsis” at

Image Courtesy: Tony George
The night is peaceful. The shape or size of the moon does not affect it. The number of stars and planets do not affect it. It is just there, as long as it has to be. It is just content in its being. Satisfied with itself.

The day is about chaos, traffic jams, angry discontent people but the night… the night is different. The night is like a black and white movie or like a woman dressed in a lovely dark hued Kancheevaram saree with flowers in her hair or like tinkling of anklets.

How often has it been subject of stories good or bad. I once read an article of how we are afraid of the night without knowing why, whereas it presents beautiful opportunities to just be with ourselves without interruption!! A silent walk with a loved one or a heated discussion with a good friend. All this, are pleasant opportunities, that the night presents before us.

The electricity situation in Uttar Pradesh is not very good and especially on a warm summer night when there is no fan, A/C or television to distract, sitting out in the dark and talking to one’s parents about their experiences or playing out in the full moon with friends, the laughter, the jokes…how often the night enchants us.

I found another similar night when my friends and I travelled back from Coorg. The moon was in full bloom and it’s silvery yellow rays splashed across every blade of grass, every tree and bush. It was the kind of night when rabbits come out and play in fairy tales. Tired, all my friends slept. I kept awake watching the play of moon beams wondering what all would a story teller write about this night. It had been a very long tiring day but mother Nature presented such a night and such a sight !!

It was peaceful. Quiet. The eye and heart loved everything it could see and feel. There was but one feeling — that of contentment.

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