Silver Metro – Great Food..Unique ambiance..Real Bang For the Buck.

Apart from being the famous face of the IT industry, Bangalore is soon gaining a lot of ground as a foodie’s paradise. Thanks to the potpourri of cultures in the IT industry, there is a prevalent practice amongst the techies to eat out as a group. And a buffet is an arrangement that works to everyone’s advantage, both in terms of variety as well as price.

One of the newest entrant in the buffet arena is Silver Metro, located on the top floor of Total Mall, Madivala, Hosur Road. It is part of a chain of eateries of the Ohri’s group. They also have a very exciting BAR called ‘Zanzibar’ and a restaurant called ‘Serengeti’, both on based on the Jungle theme and ambiance. But more on that in another post 🙂

But Silver Metro is different. The whole concept revolves around the idea of ‘Good Food, fast’. The buffet spread on regular days is a combination of Chinese, North Indian and continental fare, with a variety of salads. One of the permanent fixtures in all the menus is the Mutton Biryani – Although they are not the last word in Biryani’s but I must say that the chef does an extremely decent job of it.

The seating is designed to resemble a New York Subway metro train complete with a dummy train driver sitting at one end (really innovative). Hence the name Silver Metro. Once seated, it does evoke a nostalgic memories of train rides during summer vacations.

The food tastes good. It is well cooked and definitely falls in the ‘good’ bracket. Sometimes, they also host regional food festivals. One particular food festival that I remember vividly is the Punjabi Food Festival at the Silver Metro. The food, especially the Tandoori Chicken, was unbelievable. And the pindi chana was heavenly. For once, I chanced upon a place, where North Indian food actually tasted like North Indian food.

On the whole, great food, and pleasant ambiance. It is a place that will be liked by all ages – an excellent option for a dinner with the family. The price is about 250 bucks per head + taxes – Not too expensive, considering the options and the presentation.

I’d say this one is a ‘***’ on a scale of ‘*****’.

Definitely worth checking out.
>>This is my entry to “Latest eat-outs in Bangalore”, hosted by Metamorphosis<<

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Metamorphosis says:

    Hi Anand,

    Thank you for the lovely post!!

  2. Vishwanath Gaitonde says:

    Hello Anand,

    Thanks, first of all for the nice post. Looks like a place to be tried out in recent future. Am yet to post my foodie experience.

    Have a small doubt. I see that you in your concluding paragraph have written that Silver Metro is an excellent option for a dinner. 99% of Bangalore’s restaurants serve Buffet at Lunch. Is a Buffet available at dinner here ???

    Rest all is mouth watering… am drooling !!!

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