This week was the start of a new life for us as parents. In fact if I come to think of it, so far we were not ‘complete’ parents in the true sense of the word! We always had someone back home to look after baby Shahana. And with this arrangement, we could afford to have a life of our own. But as of last Sunday, that changed.
My wife’s mom, our biggest and strongest support system, had to return to her own home, back in Palwal! That left just the two of us to take care of little Mishti.
Today is officially day 5 of our roles as ‘complete’ parents and man what a week it has been. Sleepless nights, every single day of the week! Parenting sure is tough business. My head bows low in respect to all those parents who singlehandedly raise children and help them grow into good human beings.
Even though the feeling is overwhelming at times (especially at 1:00am) yet we are not fretting about it. It is certainly an educating experience that has, and will continue to teach us more. And since we both are working, we do appreciate that extra time spent with our daughter when everyone is ‘actually awake’.
One day, I hope that our daughter will acknowledge that we were reasonably good parents to her.

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