The ‘PUB’ culture…..

It has indeed been very disturbing to read news about some ‘self-appointed’ custodians of Indian Culture. Who are these jokers? And what business do they have telling people what to do and what not to?

This used to be a “Free Country”, the last time I checked!

And by that definition, each and every person has a right to live his/her life, exactly the way he/she chooses to. And the law of the land guarantees it (at least in the constitution). And that includes going to a pub, consuming alcohol and choosing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The one thing that I don’t understand is that why do we continually allow a small fraction of fundamentalists, to insult our intelligence and judgment.
The real issues in this country are poverty, lack of education, hunger. Why don’t they concentrate their energies on eradicating these? Rather than trying to gain cheap publicity by acting as custodians of “The Great Indian Culture”.
In fact the Mangalore Incident is a shame and a black mark on our Global Image. The government must play an active role in rooting out fundamentalist elements from this country and ensure that every adult truly enjoys the freedom to choose, in both letter and spirit!


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  1. Anand says:

    The Great Pink Chaddi.

    Check this out – there is a new facebook group out there protesting against the Mangalore Pub incicent in a very novel way!

    REad on for more.

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