So you’re going to change your life this new year? Stop kidding yourself!

Okay so it is that time of the year when the word ‘resolutions’ keeps bouncing off every wall that you walk across. It is kind of ‘flavor of the season’, what with almost everyone you meet, talking about something or the other that he/she would like to change in their lives. The top slot (this one has been the reigning champion for quite a few years now) always goes to exercise and physical fitness. And then many other lifestyle confessions, like more spare time, get out of the rat race, etc. etc. take subsequent slots depending on your priorities in life.
But then the big question is, how many actually get around to making that change? Even further, how many actually stick to it?? Hardly a handful. In fact, when compared to the number of resolutions that you might hear in the next two weeks, the number of people who actually make it happen can be counted on your fingers. Well nothing wrong with the people, per se. They have good intentions. And then eventually one day, they forget, then they skip that one workout, drink that Scotch, checkout that new eatery around the corner.. and gradually fall back into the old pattern. And by the time it is June, they are right back to where it began.
In the case of resolutions, the new year’s day merely gives you a false sense of a new beginning. I am all for change, especially if you are trying to rid yourself of a troublesome habit. But my question is, what’s wrong with TODAY? Why don’t you start off on your resolution, right here right now? Believe, me, if you do so, the next 2 weeks will give you quite a head start and by the time the new year rings in, you’d already be used to your new habit (or the lack of it) and have a better chance of sticking to it through the year and eventually for years to come! If you are naive enough to believe that on January 1, some magic will happen, that will change your personality, or change the way you live your life, sorry to disappoint you. No such thing will happen!
The secret is not in that magical date of January 1! The secret is YOU. And the magic is in your decision to make the change and then to act on that decision. That’s what will help you stick to your resolution. So if it something that you have decided to change, shake up things RIGHT NOW and I am sure, you’ll love the feeling!  Very relevant to mention a dialog from the recent animated hit movie, ‘The Kung-Fu Panda’, “there’s NO SECRET INGREDIENT in the soup. It’s always just you”. While on it, I might as well share a small technique (not original) that has worked for me quite well. I always make a small poster proclaiming what I want to change and put it up on my closet door, which is bang in front of my bed. When I wake up in the morning, that inevitably is the first thing I end up reading and read it again during the day, every single time, I open the closet. The effect? The idea gets internalized and I remember it all the time. Because if you analyze your past failures to stick to your resolutions, the most common reason would be that you simply forgot! You are only human. So am I! I forget to stick to *all* my resolutions. But I do manage most of then respectably. And have certainly changed over the years, for the better.
So here’s the word to the wise…..
Decide to change and then just do it – Because TODAY is a great day to start something new!

Wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance!


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