YAHOO!!! Freedom from “wisdom”

Yesterday, I was freed from something that has been the bane of my existence for the past week! I got my wisdom tooth surgically removed. I really have been wondering why on earth did anyone choose to call it the “wisdom” tooth!!
When it showed up, I did not see any miraculous change in my wisdom, and yesterday when it was gone (thankfully), I don;t see any thing missing (on the wisdom front). I am still adequately potty-trained, I know how to brush my teeth, comb my hair, recognize my family members and generally know all the things that I knew yesterday.
Yesterday brought the much needed relief from this troublemaker of a tooth. The little bastard had to be broken into 3 pieces before it could be pulled out of my mouth. It was quite a funny situation to be in, your mouth gaping wide open and the surgeon, shoving all types of implements into your mouth ranging from a mini drill to forceps to a mini hammer (something similar) and then one other thing always has intrigued me. That is, the dentist always stuffs your mouth with all his tools, and then remembers to ask you something for which he also expects an answer. Ha Ha Ha.
I was a little apprehensive to begin with but I was put at ease by Dr. Girish Rao, the specialist surgeon, who performed this procedure. And once the anesthesia begin its work, it was completely painless. The only thing that I was able to make out was the doctor tugging, poking, drilling and breaking apart my tooth. This one was a bad case of a completely horizontal tooth, jammed against the next one. In the initial attempt after cutting my gum, the tooth wouldn’t even move! The accepted procedure is to break the tooth into pieces and then take it out. This of course was adequately explained to me. So I was relaxed most of the time. I could feel the drill and other implements doing their job in my mouth. And in the end, the area was stitched up.
On the downside, there was a lot of discomfort due to the numbness caused by the anesthesia and then the slow oncoming of the pain when it started to wear off.
But on the upside, I ate close to 300ml of Ice-Cream. Wow, how many times do I get to do that (legally) :-p
There is a little swelling though (again as expected) and it will go off in another day. I have my painkillers and antibiotics. But this pain is nothing compared to the toothache which I had to endure last week. And in the end the feeling is still “YAHOO!”.

The doctor (Dr. Girish Rao) has his own internet presence too. His credentials can be found here:

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  1. Metamorphosis says:

    Well Anand, two things. First, you get awarded by ice-creams for the patience you show while getting your tooth removed [fab that :-D]. The second [and more important] thing here is your perception of ‘wisdom’ [:-D again!!]. It’s more than what you mention in the blog…LOL

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