Refreshing Change!

This week, I turned over a new leaf in the story of my career. I quit my job with a leading financial services company and got back to my core industry….IT.
The “I am back” feeling is quite overwhelming I’d say.After working in a highly charged up and challenging environment, with a global IT major like hp, it was extremely limiting & suffocating to work in a Finance Company (Fidelity India), with a thousand restrictions on everything that I do. There is nothing wrong at having a restrictive work environment. Every company is free to have any type of policy that it pleases, but at every step, there was a culture clash between the mindsets of “IT company” and the “IT Department of a Finance Company”! And to top it all, the work did not bring any professional satisfaction!
So after months of contemplating, I came to the conclusion that this change was necessary for my own growth and survival…and I took the plunge. I quit my job (of course after securing one in one of the most successful technology companies in the world.DELL) and this week started my adventurous journey, with deja vu.
Coming to work on a Tuesday morning, in Jeans and T-Shirt, was indeed quite liberating after 21 months of enforced dress code. The place is fun, full of vibrancy and vivaciousness. Most importantly, there is lot of stuff to do and to achieve. I am glad to be reunited with an old friend here. So here’s looking forward to a long and mutually fulfilling association.

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  1. Maayaavi says:

    good !!! every cloud has a silver lining….it depends on what you look for ….hope the new one remains the way it appears 🙂

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