Want to achieve your dreams??? .. Shoot yourself!

Shocked? Don’t be (Ofcourse you are justified in thinking that if you really shot yourself, whats the deal with having any dream at all??) But come to think of it, after we cross a certain stage in life, can we really blame our parents, friends, family or the world at large for being our roadblock? Can we?
More often than not, we are the only people who stop ourselves from achieving our desires and dreams and goals. We keep telling ourselves about the 99 ways why something is impossible or impractical or down right foolish. But how many of us actually concentrate on the 1 way that it may just work out?
Let us take a typical example of a little kid who wants to do something which is beyond the purview of his straight jacket school education. What do the parents usually say? ‘Get good grades’, ‘get a job’ and then do whatever you want. Basically what they mean is that “if you ‘really’ want to pursue your dreams, do it at your own expense! Don’t live off us!”
And the kid usually thinks, ok, I’ll grow up; get a job (usually something I will hate for the rest of my life) and then use the money to do what I want today. What happens next? The job is taken and the ho-hum existence of mundaneness kicks in. Everytime that little voice of dream rears its little head, it is beaten down with some excuse or the other and over a period of time, that little voice dies. Thus begins the drudgery of an absolutely uninteresting life which seems to go on and on and on.
It takes on amusing overtones, when people start blaming left, right and center for their own failure to live their dreams. Some common ones:
  • NO TIME.

  • My current priorities are in a different direction.

  • I have a wife and kids.

  • Blah Blah Blah….

I am 32 years old and I do a couple of things outside the realm of my regular job, which I really enjoy and those are activities which are extremely fulfilling. What really prompted me to write this article are the reactions I get from people, when they get to know me a little more and I start telling them about my interests. I know that some actually think that I am bluffing :-p. And the more I talk to people, the more I am able to perceive that there is just “SO MUCH” that they would like to do, but somehow never come around to doing it. And then invariably they are looking for emotional crutches. Having said that, I believe, it is also safe to conclude, given a fighting chance, these same people would actually like to do something. Some have just drowned in the monotony of their lives and don’t know how to get out of the rut.

Other than shooting yourself, which is ridiculous anyway, here are a few things that one can really do to change the situation. And the very first suggestion is the most difficult one in the world:

  1. JUST DO IT! – Ah there it comes. More often than not, it is just as simple as that. You just need to move your butt and get around to doing it! Classic examples, I want to start excercising, do meditation, dancing, cooking, etc. All these can just be done right now. Who’s stopping you?? Most of the time…..YOU.

  2. SET A GOAL/WRITE IT DOWN – The power of writing down a goal can never be over emphasized. Writing down a goal on a piece of paper somehow attaches a moral commitment to get things moving and then if you go a step further and paste that piece of paper at a location where you’d see it day in and day out.. There – to start with, you atleast will successfully re-kindle your inner voice. I have tested this principle with great success that whenever i have put up my goal in front of me in writing, I have come around to getting it done!

  3. AVOID THE OVERKILL – Sometimes, over preparation is all it takes to kill the enthusiasm. It only happens ever so often that some people put in so much effort into the preparation that eventually insecurity kicks in, and when the time comes to actually do it, they chicken out. I know someone, who has had a long standing desire to workout in a gym and get into shape but everytime he makes up his mind to do so, he goes ahead and blows up a couple of thousand Rupees, in gym gear, shoes and all the other branded bells and whisltles associated with the gym. But come dawn and the great soul is lost in the depths of sleepland. He just doesn;t go to the gym! Keep it simple. Start with light excercise and capitalize on what you already have. Once you have built your interest levels, then think of splurging on a gym membership.

  4. First things first – I think I really ended up putting the cart before the horse here. The first thing to do would be to sit for a while in solitude and actually think hard about this question: “WHAT IS IT THAT I REALLY LIKE TO DO IF I DID NOT HAVE ALL THESE LIMITATIONS?” and I am sure each one would get his or her own unique answer for this. And let me also tell you that it is quite possible, that when you do this for the first time, you may not find any answers and instead get the feeling of absolute foolishness. But keep at it and you will certainly find what you like to do. Then what? Go back to step 1 – JUST DO IT!

Those 4 basic strategies would help you to get on the path of doing what your heart really desires. If you have an opinion to share on this, do leave a comment.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Suresh GP says:

    Great one Anand!!

    Just one thought from my end. spend atleast 15 minutes everyday as Think Tank Time…To introspect/reflect on your direction towards your dream….This has had a profound impact in my life

    Keep writing more!!

    Best Wishes

  2. Anand says:

    Thank you Suresh, for sharing that thought.


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