Return of the Rider (Cross Post)

Here’s a cross post from my travelog.
Yesterday was a Sunday which was long long overdue! Not that the past weeks didn’t have Sundays in them, but just that this Sunday was extra special.After almost a gap of over 2 years, I got to take my wife out on a long bike ride (not long enough by my standards, but definitely good enough to get back on track). The ride materialized suddenly, as a friend of mine has been very keen on doing one ever since he bit the bullet (of the RE kind), sometime last August.It took a little explaining to containing his unbridled enthusiasm to do an overnighter to Coorg.My advise was to keep it simple and take it one step at a time. I am glad that good sense prevailed and we agreed to do a mini ride upto Yellagiri (approx 220 kms one way).Now my wife got all excited to and wanted to go along. And that kind of made it to a micro-mini ride till the Krishnagiri Checkpost, because our darling daughter is little and needs mama’s care and presence.The ride began with enthusiasm and we picked up my friend from his place in BTM and proceed towards Hosur. Hosur road was at its usual unkempt self with all the broken roads, tarred patches, un-tarred patches, pot holes, etc. all choc-a-bloc with the construction of the elevated super highway (God knows if it will ever see the light of day)!the road cleared up only after we crossed Karnataka Border and entered TN. After that it was a dream run. I kept my speed down to 85kmph. The bike had not been out on a ride like this for a very long time now and I was also a little apprehensive after the rough roads in Karnataka.But it was fun nevertheless. We reached our usual breakfast adda, the 5-star family resturant, on the HP Petrol pump, adjacent to Ashok Leyland Factory on Hosur Road. This has, kind of become our default breakfast location, whenever we are going towards Yellagiri or Chennai. The dosas, the pongal/vada and the idly/vada are just yum (and loaded with calories). Washed it all down with the customary coffee. And then started to wards Krishnagiri Checkpost. I could see dissapointment writ large on my friend’s face, when I informed him that we will not be touching Yellagiri today. But by evening, with all the soreness, he realized it was not a bad call after all.But I have to admit a drastic change in his riding style. Surely rides like a pro, except for the small little glitches here and there, which only time will polish.
My bike ofcourse performed as expected and touched all the speeds that I wanted it to, effortlessly. I was a little worried as it was getting rusty. But I think I forgot that it is a Royal Enfield and being trusty runs in its blood. It went through the ride with absolute ease and the only damage was that the already loose crash guard, lost both its clamps and had a rattling racket all the way home!
Now I need to fix her up; replacing the clutch lever, crash guard and give her a change of oil as I’d like to do another long ride (this time right up to the top of Yellagiri) soon.
Here are the pics. Click Copy/paste this link on to your browser’s address bar.

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