The Truth about Air-LIft cabs.

I came across this service, passed on to me by a fwd email at work. It was about a new airport transfer service, which had all state of the art features.. such as:
It is called airlift cabs –

+ only 5 passengers in a customized Toyota Innova.
+ Air conditioned Car.
+ Each passenger gets his/her own individial LCD screen entertainment system.
+ Wi-Fi access.
All this at only INR 450.00 + Taxes.
It was indeed quite impressive and I was impressed head-over-heels when I actually checked out the phone number was valid and the service also existed.
In spite of checking it out, there was a little uneasiness, this being India where, in business services, it is the “NORM” to make lofty promises and then conveniently not keep them and so on.
And today I actually required to use one such service and ended up calling these air-lift guys and was greeted by a dude named Ahmed.
All the euphoria, about having the plush and hi-end services came crashing down, when Ahmed said that they had “only 6 cabs” fitted with all those fancy gizmos.
So I asked, if I am not going to get a CAB which has all those facilities, why are you charging me a fare, which ideally entitles me to all that stuff?
No Answer….after a short pause, I got some nonsense about company policy. 
And when I asked him to quote a lower fare, since I may not get all the promised facilities, again, no answer… and then he immediately pleaded that they are “trying their best” to get these facilities on all their fleet. 
Yeah right, and pigs will fly!
Bull shit!
Well, According to me, this is downright cheating! If they do not have the facilities on “ALL” their cabs, as advertised, then they must atleast come up with different fares, one for the luxury car, and one for the normal one.
So if anyone of you is planning to avail their services, then please “DO NOT GET CARRIED AWAY” by their misleading advertisement. Use your discretion and save yourself from some unnecessary heart burn.
Take care.

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  1. gsha says:

    Thanks for inputs it will be of help to many of us who get carried away with big promises and on the optimistic note I hope that the company involved in the operation of these cabs realises this and starts providing the facilities that they promise in their advertisment.


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