The Power of “WHY?”

Image Courtesy: Tony the Misfit

WHY am I even writing this post? I am writing it because, I have a very strong desire to share my thoughts with a larger group of people, some known and some unknown!
Now, that’s the power of the word “WHY”. The inspiration for this post also has a not so inspiring reason behind it. Over the past 16 years, I have become some sort of a fitness evangelist, advising people on the need to adopt an excercise routine and the benefits that entails with it. But I guess I am not too good at evangelism as I hardly have anyone to show, who actually took to working out after talking to me.
But then, one thing has been common in all the discussions that I have had with people, where I have tried to sell them the goodness of a good workout. And that is the central reason for not working out. Invariably I have found people telling me that they don’t have the time and invariably asking “HOW do I do it along with my overflowing calendar, my job, my home responsibilities, etc. etc.?”
In the past, I almost always ended up trying to answer that question for them. But over a period of time, as my experience with life has grown and has brought about changed perspectives, I have realized that the question is fundamentally wrong! The right question to ask is “WHY do I do it?” , instead of “HOW do I do it?”. I believe so because if your “WHY” is clear, then the “HOW” will take care of itself.
In other words, you need to have an extremely strong reason for doing anything worthwhile in your life and you will be able to do it anyway….anyhow. If you don’t have a strong desire or reason, then you will successfully find reasons why it cannot be done (once again the power of WHY, albeit in a negative sense!). Don’t believe me? Try this simple test. Make a list of 3 things which you do without fail every day. Now ask yourself this question: “Are you able to do those things because you worry about “HOW TO DO IT?” or simply because you have a very strong “WHY SHOULD I DO THIS?” ? You will be surprised with your own answer to realise that the “how” really does not matter.
Let me take my own example. I am able to pull in a workout lasting a good 90 minutes, each day, in spite of having a family and related responsibilities, a full time employment and running errands, etc etc. HOW do I manage? Actually I have a very strong “WHY” for doing this. My reason for doing this is that I want to be there for my family and be fit to be able to enjoy my time with them. An ailing body will make me more and more cynical and there does come a stage, when you start resenting the others who are having a good time, just because you cannot. I just don’t want to see myself in that situation.
So if you think you could not do certain things in life because you could not figure out how to do them? Think again.. There is a fair chance that you did not have a good enough reason to do it. The day you find your “WHY”, you will definitely be able to do what you desire and live a life of contentment.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maayaavi says:

    Its not How but Why !

    Know your Why and the How will take care of itself !

    Good one pal…keep up….

  2. Mahalingesh says:

    That is nice one…

    Somewhere I read-
    Say ‘I want it…’ If want it I always have time… If one need anything say ‘I want it’ instead why how where It sure there will very less ‘red herrings’ in first case…

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