Tribute to friendship.

How long will you remember a friend, after his death? 2 years? 5? hmm….10 atbest? I know a person who has remembered his friend for more than 25 years and still continues to do so. And in my opinion, thats “incredible”!
I lost my father in the year 1984 due to a medical ailment. And there is this gentleman, who has been my father’s very close friend, from school. They grew up together, went to the same college, shared the same jokes and were part of some really memorable and beautiful moments in the fabric of life.They parted only when they decided to choose different careers. My father chose the marketing management route, where as his friend chose to become a forest range officer.And then time passed and each one had their own little families to take care of and so on…until one day my father passed away (1984), after a fighting valiantly for about 2 years, with kidney failure.Since then, this man has regularly been in touch with our family and has enquired about our well being.
Last month, he gifted me something, which is truly worth its weight in GOLD! He painstakingly fished out old photographs of himself with my father (which I never even knew existed) and put them together in an album and gifted me a copy. Those pictures showed me a facet of friendship, which was unheard of and which helped me to see a side of my father which I never knew, existed. And the album was aptly titled as a “Tribute To My Beloved Friend”.
Hats off to this example of true friendship. And it set me thinking, will I ever be able to be a friend like him? I don’t even want to hazard a guess……

2 Comments Add yours

  1. loveleen says:

    woww..really touching.. 🙂

  2. Maayaavi says:

    That’s nice.

    I may be too young to comment on what it feels post 25-30 years…but wht i could collect from this is … can NEVER lose a true friend…they are meant to eternity.

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