The true leader is indeed one among us!

On thursday morning, while driving to work, I noticed something which caught my instant attention. I was in the middle of a maddening traffic jam (Nothing attention grabbing about that – it is an everyday feature in Bangalore) and suddenly there was vehicular movement.
And in about 5-7 minutes, the chaos dissolved and smooth flow of traffic was restored. I was wondering all along how did this happen? And that was when I noticed a figure in the crowd.
Garish Jeans, grimy khaki shirt with grease stains in several areas, the cheapest of all nokia handsfree headphone set dangling fromboth sides of his shoulders……bingo! You got it, it was your obiquitous/notorious autorickshaw driver! But what about him? You think!
Actualy it was he, who stepped in right in the middle of the jam and helped to streamline the traffic flow by stopping one side and letting the other side pass and then vice versa.
Hats of to you, my unsung leader. That little incident instantly reminded me of out Big B’s campaign advertisement…..”hirnon ki ek toli ko….ek hiran hi raah dikhaye”. These were the magic words which said that the leader that we so desparately seek, is not someone who will be beswtowed upon mankind from the skies above…..he will be someone who will rise from right amongst us and LEAD INDIA!
This auto walah, for a brief moment, did something which indeed has raised the respect of his ilk, a few notches, if not more.

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