Think FREE!

This one goes to all those people who OWN a PC/Notebook and actually believe that Microsoft Office is “FREE!”.

The single biggest reason, people believe so, is the cost of owning a productivity suite similar to it. If you come to think of it, you don’t really use all of the features that you got, but you don’t bother either, because some never paid for it, so it’s ok. And it also becomes ok to put up with annoying system hangups and crashes.

As the world is inching towards collaboration, open source and “FREE” software are the way to go. Here’s an amazing website which I found while I was re-searching the internet, looking for a FREE office suite, which would allow me the flexibility and dexterity of doing “all” that I am used to doing on the MS tools. Since it is free, I don’t have to worry myself about having to pay a license fee or some such stuff to ANYBODY. That works well for me. And I also have something which is devoid of crashing on me and leave me in the lurch without any support!

Here’s the link.

The interface is very nice and it is definitely worth a try. Because in today’s day and age, people who CAN own a PC/Laptop, almost always do have a good quality Broad Band internet connection as well.

For those people (to a certain extent, that includes me too), who do not feel too comfortable leaving their stuff on some else’s servers, and want something to install and run offline right from their PC/Laptop, here’s another favorite:

Visit – really fantastic set of tools. Will definitely wane you off that supposedly free copy of your existing expensive office suite. 🙂




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  1. Anand says:

    My quest for free tools included not merely a complete OFFICE SUITE, but also tools for other misc stuff that I’d like to do with my new computer, such as photo editing. And I stumbled upon a couple of tools.
    + GIMP (A bit difficult for newbies)
    + Paint.Net (I have just downloaded this and will post a full review soon)
    + GIMP Shop (A wrapper on top of GIMP, to give hte feel of Photoshop).

    Open Source & Legal, Completely hasslefree!



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