Even Big Boys play with toys….

I just pampered myself a bit, in the new year, by going ahead and fulfilling an old desire…..to have my personal Notebook (a.k.a Laptop) computer. And January 16th was the big day in my life, after re-searching (scourging, would probably better describe my sentiment) on the internet for a good 5 months.
All this re-search finally led me to something which was a little more than what I immediately need. I usually use that buying philosophy so that my products have a relatively longer period of satisfaction, before the craving for the next best thing kicks in. – In this case, I am shooting for atleast 4 years.
And the other benefit of research was I had a fairly decent idea of the price range. And more importantly, It helped me decide, the price band, within which I was willing to play around. That is the most important deal in any big purchase decision. The other big decision (which my wife and I made a couple of years ago..) was to have the full purchase price ready at hand before buying. So we stay away from EMIs as much as we can help it!
After seriously considering & researching some serious contenders..i.e. SONY VAIO, DELL, hp, COMPAQ. And going over and over again on the configs offered and at what price, I finally bought myself a completel blinged out notebook from hp. All this while, it was almost certain that I will go the DELL way. But somehow, I was not getting that “go for it” feel from inside.
One look at the hp and I knew it was the one that I wanted. And that was precisely the one, which I got!

Here’s the jazz, for those who care to know:
HP Pavilion dv9704TX Portable
Quick Specs:
Intel Core2 Duo Processor T7250
(2 GHz, 2 MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB, EM64T)
17″ Colour TFT ; BrightView™ WideScreen
Reader; Web Camera & Microphones
SuperMulti Drive LightScribe, Double Layer (8.5 GB)
Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
2 GB PC2-5300 DDR2 (667 MHz)
250 GB Serial ATA
150 MB/sec @ 5400 RPM

After using an IBM for close to an year now (before that I was a dedicated hp user), I have not had a pleasant experience, partly perhaps due to the tons of security scripts that my company chooses to load. But on the whole, it does not match up!

So, now there will be more blogging, more creativity, more music, more videos & lots and lots of activity (of the “e” kind of course!) which I can do on my very own personal laptop! The computer, ‘indeed’ is personal again!

P.S. And…the link to my favorite hp commercial: http://www.hp.com/jerry


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