Are you still waiting for your wake up call?

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In the past 6 months alone I have heard at least 3 cases of under 35 people passing away due to heart trouble. And the number of people who are getting a really nasty wake up call (read heart attack), is slowly but surely on the rise. Pretty scary. And a little thought reveals that this generation of ours, which is at present in the thirties, is by far the most professionally ambitious and driven. Well, don’t know about “most” but definitely a lot more than the previous generations. And the one area which has gotten sorely neglected is personal health. Come to think of it, the average Indian (in the 25-40 yrs category), has his own well being somewhere towards the bottom of his priority list!
Probably because as a nation, we always believe that “if there is a cure, then why bother preventing?”. Ridiculous!

If you ever felt any of the below symptoms, then you are at risk:
1. Mild to severe tightness in the chest.
2. Out of breath when climbing a flight of stairs (Cannot even think of going to the third floor using the stairs?).
3. Shooting pain in the heel, early in the morning, when you set foot on the floor.
4. An irritating body ache that just refuses to go away.
5. Lower Back/neck pain, stiffness.
6. Perpetual exhaustion.

The above list is certainly not exhaustive, but definitely indicative of most symptoms, which may lead you to serious health troubles in the not so distant future. And if you firmly believe that “all that crap would only happen to the next guy…and not YOU”…I’d say WAKE UP! It can definitely happen to you. And if it is already happening, and you are suffering and thinking that this will go away on its own, then even god cannot help you!
Come to think of it, you need to be in the best of health, to actually be able to enjoy that very future that you are working to secure for yourself!

I say so because I have been through 2;3 and 5 at various stages in my life and have now completely eliminated those. And Since I have been through them, I know exactly how they feel and man…they do scare the crap out of you. Of course apart from being excruciating.

So what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for that glorious “tomorrow”, when you won’t have that deadline to meet; when you won’t have bills to pay; when you won’t have all the sundry stuff that fills out your day…..ha ha ha…….once again! WAKE UP!!

Because, it ain’t gonna happen!! You gotta act NOW – remember TODAY is Yesterday’s TOMORROW!

I agree that a big change is just impossible all of a sudden…after all you cannot correct something in a day, which you have been practicing for years!!!! But yes I do believe that big change is a sum of small changes.

And some of the changes that you can do NOW are:

  1. Accept the problem – A lot of people today, are living in denial. They just say to themselves, ‘oh nothing is wrong with me. I am fine’. But hey there is a very subtle difference between positive self talk and fooling yourself.
  2. Plan the Work & Work the Plan – Creating elaborate personal improvement plans and then relegating them to the distant corners of your computer/desk/mind, is of no use. The a plan becomes a “great” plan, only when it is executed and the results are achieved. It need not be a fancy one. But just a couple of pointers to what to do is a great way to begin.
  3. KISS: Keep It Short & Simple – Simplify your life! Remove the clutter (if you don’t know how, then Life Organizers & Zen Habits are excellent places to start off). Life is full of choices that we make. So choose to keep your day simple and do not try to do too many things in a day. That way, you will have time to do stuff that you really like/want to do, apart from doing stuff that you “have to” do.
  4. Small Changes to Your Life Style – You don’t need to completely forgo all your lifestyle habits. But recognize some you can do away with and reclaim some time for yourself. But yes gradually you will have to change your lifestyle so that it includes some amount of physical excercise and good eating habits. This is one change which will go a long long way in making a new healthier you.
  5. Start Small and Cultivate Patience – If you became overweight over a period of 10 years, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BECOME LIGHT AND LISSOME in 10 days!!!! NO WAY. So start small and keep an achievable goal. And then gradually keep building on it. Most importantly be patient with yourself and keep the faith. Remember, Rome was NOT built in a day!
  6. Keep Excercising – You dont need a swanky gym membership and you definitely don’t have to postpone working out because you don’t have funky gym clothing (Phew! That is one of the most popular excuse I have heard). Just get your butt on the road and start walking. You’ll start reaping the benefits in no time. And guess what? You’ll actually notice a few things in your own very street, which you never knew existed, as you zoomed past them in your car/bike. Try it….it works!

If you did wake up, then here are some useful links that would get you started.: But if you are still grinning and saying to yourself “ah! nice article…this guy really has nothing else to do!” and getting back to your usual routine, then I guess you are already dead!

  1. The Fitness Routine That Works.
  2. Dead Man Walking.
  3. My Backache Story.


Do share your comments and also your own tips, if you have any, on improving the quality of life and achieving more happiness.

God Bless You.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very Encouraging Indeed!

    I guess this is more than sufficient for those who care little abt themselves!

    And hope, if this makes a difference for better even in a single life, this is worth the effort.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Loveleen says:

    Hey andy..

    Very True buddy..

    Was starting to suffer from a stiff neck myself..and I royally kept put ting it off attributing it to stress.
    But i cud feel my body giving me signals that I had to start moving.. I would keep procrastinating as usual..thinking i d start exercising from tomorrow.. one doesn t need experience to know that TOMORROW NEVER COMES..
    So one fine day i just got up and decided enough was enough.. I hit the gym that day itself… ..would have preferred walking or jogging in fresh open air..but i knew that was not happening..

    It s been a little while though and at the cost of sounding exaggerating i say i could feel the difference in me from day one.. and the feeling as you come out after ur!! how cud i have lived without it for so many months..

    We should never let the lazy devil in us take over ..specially not at the cost of our health..

    Ever noticed how we get hooked onto unhealthy bad habits but never to ones which would help us in life..?

    It takes a huge amount of self-discipline to take the right call at the right time..and that s what life s all about :)!Right!! Cheers!

  3. Loveleen says:

    Hey by the way..did i thank you for introducing me to zen habits? Though at times it takes the extreme routes..but yet inspiring….

  4. ac says:

    you wont believe…i’ve been at a gym for the past 1.5 months regularly and still going on….!!!

  5. Anand says:

    Wah AC!
    1.5 months??? Truly amazing…Or else as far as I can remember you have always been an “annual” member, visiting the gym once a year :p

    Great that you have taken it more seriously.

    Thanks for all your feedback.

  6. M-A-A-Y-A says:

    That was a breath-taking read ;-))) Figuratively ……it was exciting.. Thanks

    Last week ….I was too tied up to check blogs. Checked it now

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