Chuck De Jharkhand…Today’s Edit Page

Will we ever learn to treat a movie as just that – a product of a story/screenplay/some dialogues/a couple of actors and optionally some songs?
Why must an imaginary fine print be conjured up, then read it and finally present a completely irrelevant point of view. A case in question is the TOI editorial article titled “Chuck de Jharkhand” by Avijit Ghosh. Mr. Ghosh argues that the film has not provided enough weight age to Jharkhand as a state and has not represented it sufficiently in the film. He also very interestingly questions the script, that why the film did not portray someone from the Jharkhand state as captain?

Kudos to the argument given by Mr. Ghosh that Jharkhand has produced some very good hockey players but I find this questioning immensely amusing and extremely ridiculous! The voice of dissent makes this sound as if it is a real selection committee and a real team. Hello!! Somebody remind Mr. Jharkhand (oh sorry, I mean Mr. Ghosh) that it is a film which is created from a “story” (I accept that this one was based on some true incidents but still a film is a film) and it is a work of creativity.

And what is this talk about stereotypes? I’d like to ask, where are these stereotypes born from? Definitely all of them are not the figment of some body’s imagination, are they? I believe they emerge from the existence of certain realities. For example, if a movie shows a south Indian speaking Hindi in a funny accent, that is because there do exist certain people who speak Hindi that way. And moreover, at that point the film only tries to establish the character and not tries to offend sentiments. So if the film portrays Soi Moi from jharkhand in a certain way, then I guess that is precisely the Image that Jharkhand has managed to project to the country at large! It needs to work at improving its Image so that it is perceived differently! Having said that, I do not in anyway, advocate the insinuation or insult of any community, state or sect at all!

But then a film is a film, people need to go watch it for its entertainment value and not read too much in to the “non-existent” fine print!

Even though In the article, there is a good cause for the upliftment of the status of the state, it appears that the author forgot to hear SRK’s punch line ….. “Mujhe states ke naam na toh sunai dete hain… na dikhai dete hain…..sunai deta hi to bas ek hi naam I..n..dia”.

So I guess the author and people like him must rise above petty regionalism and appreciate the underlying message of the film that India is not a bunch of states but one country and can do impossible feats if it chooses to do.

Just enjoy the movie and Chak de India!!

No hard feelings….



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