Today is Senior Citizen’s day.

Here’s another one in the modern day deluge of “days” or new fangled occasions for celebration. Looks like the whole world is perpetually on the lookout for an(y) excuse to get into the celebratory mood and the “senior citizen’s day” is no different. I cam to know about the existence of such a day, just this morning, when the color supplement of the morning paper screamed about it bang on the first page.
But then from the way the world is changing, looks like this is another “day” that is here to stay. So I better get used to it. Critique, apart, it was interesting to read about the exploits of the salt’n’pepper generation, especially about the change in attitudes for this generation which was hitherto known to be irritable and completely closed to modern thinking. It was not merely interesting, but a good deal inspiring, to read about the extent to which they are enjoying their life. Truly, these people have changed the face of Old-Age in this country.
After reading through, I thought, how about introducing the world, to a lesser known senior citizen. One, about whom, no newspaper is going to spend even a drop of ink, but one who I have grown up seeing all the time. She is my maternal grand mother (80+ now). This is one lady, who has single-handedly managed the upbringing of 6 children of her own and then an equal number of grand children. She has not seen school beyond the 3rd standard of today. She was married at the age of 16, as was the norm in her time.
But in spite of the generation to which she belongs, in my opinion, she is by far the most forward thinking lady that I have seen. In fact more open minded than the so called ‘modern’ and ‘educated’ people of today. She beats them by leaps and bounds.
The one thing that I have learnt from this lady is “to move with the times” and more importantly to “adapt to the change”. It is very refreshing to see that she has not stagnated over the years but has flowed like a vibrant river. Today, it is fun to watch her learn the ropes of using a cell phone (something our generation takes so for granted!). She even manages her entire banking operations herself even at this age. That is amazing.
It is indeed great to interact with her, as she does not make you feel small, but actually tries to come to a level where both are on the same page.

Kudos to the new ‘old’ generation! They definitely inspire us to live life to the fullest and not worry too much about too many things!


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