Save Electricity Now!

Sometime back my wife posted here mentioning a few tips on how to save water. And today I just paid my electricity bill online and I thought I’d share some practical tips, which we already follow in our home, to save electricity. And we have observed that if in any month we are careless in not following, it distinctly reflects in the bill. We’re not perfect (that expains the variation in the bills) but we do make an effort to do this stuff most of the time:
  1. NO Standby mode – Have you ever noticed how many applicances in your house stay in “standby” mode, where you have the appliance connected to power and just a little red light stays on, which wants you to believe that the whole appliance is switched off except for this tiny lamp which is waiting for your remote controlled command, to turn on the monster! Some examples: TV, home theatre, music system, DVD Players, Laptops, Desktops, Cellphone chargers with the charing end hanging loose (I myself am guilty of this several times, when my phone is getting charged, I just pull out the socket from the phone end and forget to switch off the power!). This leads to power consumption (also known as power drain).
    TIP: Switch it OFF Completely – if it is not being used, then it need not be pluggeed in at all! Just this one thing will reflect immediately in your next bill.
  2. CFL- We have replaced all the bulbs in our home with CFL (Compact Flourscent Lights). Yes they are are slightly more expensive than conventional bulbs BUT they save a lot of energy and they definitely last much much longer than conventional light bulbs. The only exception in our house where we still use conventional bulbs is in the toilet (which is not very frequently used) and in the porch because it may get stolen!
  3. EXIT POLICY- When you leave a room, ensure that you turn off the light and fan (assuming no-one else is in the room) before you exit. Just do it and see the difference. Do not let lights/fans/electricals turned on unnecessarily leading to increased power consumption.
  4. Solar Power – I live in a rented accomodation where it is not possible to make modifications to include solar powered water heating techniques, so I am forced to use an immersion rod for heating water. But if you can, then do invest in this. It is definitely a great power saver and the source is abosolutely free!
    And for people like me, who are dependent on an immersion rod to heat water, ensure that you clean your immersion rod atleast once a month, to reomove the oxide andsalt deposits on its surface, doing this will ensure that you get hot water, in less time thereby maintaining the efficiency of the rod. And most importantly – do not switch it on and forget about it, only to remember after an hour later that your water is scalding hot and again you have to waste half a bucket so that you can mix cold water to make it tolerable again 😦 (this is a very common mistake).
So try the above and I’d be glad if you could share with me, if it made any difference to your power bill. But remember YOU have to make an effort to see the result. No automation here 🙂


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