How to deal with energy suckers (negative people)

I was thinking about this topic recently and while researching about it on the net, I came across a very interesting read on the internet. So interesting that I am now posting it right here. Here’s an article on “How to deal with energy suckers..” by Barbara Bartlein..
Below I am putting together some snippets from the original. Please Click Here to read the complete article as well as the elaborated version of each of the below bullet points at

We all know some; maybe at work or even at home. The Energy Suckers. They will suck you dry if you fall into their trap.
Energy Suckers are negative people. It’s easy to know when you are with them because the longer the exposure, the more drained you feel. You try to avoid them, but Energy Suckers thrive on spreading bad tidings so they seek you out. They show up in your office, at meetings, and family gatherings.

So how do you protect yourself? Here are some of the common types of Energy Suckers and how to deal with them:

  • The Seagull—These are often managers or supervisors. They fly by when everyone is busy with a project, deposit garbage all over, and soar away after destroying enthusiasm.
  • The Yeah-Butts—While they pretend to be friendly, their real focus is on the negative. They often use the phrase, “Yeah, but…”
  • The Muck Mixers—These are the folks who love to stir the pot. They look for gossip or “information” that they feel they must know and then take it upon themselves to disseminate the dirt.
  • Melvin Milktoast or Dorothy Doormat—These are the male and female equivalents of the Martyr. They are absolutely convinced that no one has seen the trouble they have.
Stay away from the Energy Suckers in your life. Spend your time with people who lift you up…not pull you down. You will find your own energy to be contagious.

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About the Author:
Barbara Bartlein is the PeoplePro™. She helps businesses sell more goods and services by developing people. She can be reached at 888-747-9953, by email at: or visit her Web site at

Published in Networking Today, November 2005.


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