Deconstructing (e) Networking…….

Of late there seems to be an overflow of social networking web services that have popped up on the (e)horizon.
About 8 months ago, I was also lured into creating a profile of myself on one of the popular networking site, by my friends. And thus began this whole routine of scrapping, writing testimonials, having fans, becoming a fan, etc.,etc. And after that several people have tried to tie a tag on me and drag me into another such site. And there have been a few invitations to miscellaneous such websites in my mailbox which have been religiously ignored so far..
One such email in my mailbox actually set me thinking about the premise of these ‘social’ networking sites. And going by the trends, the definitely seem to be a rage amount the 16-26 age group. Here’s what I gather: these sites enable people to network with other people over the internet, meet like minded people and make new friends. “Meet” people is the keyword here. It only reflects man’s deep rooted desire for companionship. But another alarming trend is that people are getting drawn into their own little shell physically and getting drawn more and more into an online world. In the real-world, they are drifting apart from each other. Just think about it, when was the last time you actually called up *any* one of your relative just to ask if he/she/they were ok? And compare this to the frequency with which you would ‘scrap’ somebody on one such site just to say ‘hi! wazzup?’.
This virtual world is so full of fakes! And the people are getting reduced to mere ‘profiles’ on a website. I don’t think I could ever get to know the true person by clicking on ‘view my profile’ on one of these sites. (Having said that, *MOST* of my readers don’t even need to click on ‘View My Profile’ link on my blog, as they know me in person). Nothing beats the pleasure derived from meeting a friend in person and sharing quality time with them, rather than staring at a screen which speaks to you in Verdana or Times New Roman or Comic Sans MS, if you please.
Of course, the purpose of this post is not to undermine the technology/drive/initiative behind such sites and the amount of freedom it gives to an average user who has little computer background, to share thoughts, ideas and many more things bridging great distances. But what’s the point? I believe that the good old email was (and probably is) by far an extremely effective medium to touch base across long distances and beyond that it is best to meet or maybe make a phone call.
Do these sites serve “any” purpose if you do not actually go and meet real people?? That is one question which hits me like a log and I invite reasons from all the readers too. What do you think about such sites? Whenever I login to my account (it only becomes less and less frequent with the passage of time), I only see spam messages and other junk, which people blindly forward to each other, without even bothering to see what it is. And the effect of that has been that I have stopped visiting the so-called social networking sites altogether.

In my opinion, networking is good. But it is effective only when there are *real* people at both ends of the interaction. And I do not need e-networking. Good Old email/phone-call/personal visits work very well even today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh!! On having a glance at the title, I thought you have written something about the kicks and pokes I am feeling now a days….ha ha ha

    BTW nice article indeed!


  2. Anonymous says:

    One big development of last week has been that I actually logged into one of those free e-networking sites and removed my profile 🙂

    So Now I nolonger have a profile on one of those sites – 1 item less in the e-clutter of my life :p


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