The start of a new (old) habit…

The direct consequence of reading through the zen habits blog is that I have been motivated to (re)start a habit. The habit of staying in shape. I call it the new (old) habit because Even though I have been associated with physical fitness and working out for a very long time, there are times when I just slack off and then getting back on track is as good as OR as difficult as cultivating a brand new habit!
But I have been lax in the past month (I guess it is just a little more than that) with my workouts. So the habit of staying in shape has now to be preceeded with the huge task of ‘getting’ into shape :-(.
I have adopted the system of having my own little progress sheet, which shows a check mark for each day that I did something and a cross for each day that I missed. My goal, with that little sheet, is to have more check marks and less cross marks.
And I have embarked on a ‘return-to-fitness’ journey after a little more than a month of lethargy! And it feels just great. And it is not difficult for me to figure out the ‘how to’ because I already know what to do. A couple of posts earlier, I had shared my fitness routine right here. And All I need is to get back to doing it.
I am determined to achieve my goal and will keep posting my progress here. As a beginning, I did a 20 minute walk-run routine and plan to stick to it for the next 10 days, before I increase the intensity and/or time.

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  1. andyspeak says:

    The last week was reasonable with 4 days of sticking to routine. Although those 3 red cross marks during the week are a definite eyesore. This week’s goal is to improve upon those.

    But the whole of last week did help me to get a good hold of the kind of stuff that I need to be doing. That was a great insight into getting into a planned routine.

  2. Anand says:

    I have Successfully completed 2 weeks of this new routine and I feel good about myself.
    I have now made it a habit to wake up at 5:00 in the morning and have a routine of working out 6 days a week.
    I do not workout on Sundays, but nevertheless am awake early in the day. That gives me plenty of time with the Sunday morning paper and of course my favorite Sunday Ritual – Lying in bet with a hot cup of tea.
    Starting tomorrow, I have decided to shift my wake up time earlier by 10 minutes. So instead of 5:00 am, I will now wake up at 4:50 am. My target is to hit 4:30 AM. Anything earlier than that would be absolute stupidity and unrealistic, given my current work-schedule and life style.

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