Convert Analog Music to Digital with this kool tool!!!

Normally I never do software reviews, but recently I used one software and was very impressed with it. It looks like I may be prompted to buy the full version sometime soon.

Last week I was in need of a software that would help me convert some Very Old Audio tapes into Digital Sound (i.e. *.wav; *.mp3) on my desktop. A random search on google threw up a few useful links, where in this link (“”) served up something very relevant to my search.

This software, from Polderbits, converts any audio source connected to your Line-In jack into digital format and saves it on to your computer. I downloaded the trial version. Now the onething which was noteworthy about the trial version is that it is a “FULLY FEATURED” trial version. I mean you dont get the stupid “This feature is available only in the full version” messages. So this trial version is only limited by time, which is about 14 days (or 2 weeks). And during this time, you can use *all* the features of this software.

It has an extremely user-friendly interface, which involves minimal clicking around to get the job done. And the sound editor is also very easy to use and you can enhance the quality of the sound which you captured, before converting it into digital audio.

But one thing needs to be kept in mind here! The quality of your output will strongly depend on the sound quality of your tape. I mean, if your tape is too old or too distorted, there is only so much you may be able to improve upon it.
So keep the expectations right. You cannot make an old rickety Lp or a tape into crystal clear stereo digital sound file.

But definitely, you can convert into a much better quality digital file and burn it onto a CD. That certainly means a great deal to me!!

Here’s what you will need:

+ PC with Sound Card (preferrably also with speakers).
+ A cassette Player with head-phone/Aux output.
+ A cable with headphone/aux-pin on one end and line-in pin on the other (I have a cable which has identical headphone pins on both ends – one end goes into the headphone jack of my cassette Player and the other end goes into the line-in jack of my PC.

Thats it!
+ Download and install the software and start capturing sound onto your pc.
+ Once you are done, save the file, then edit it using the sound editor to get the desired sound quality.
+ Burn the saved file on to a CD. Lo and Behold, you have a digital version of your analog music.

Some Positives:
+ The interface – very very easy to use and understand.
+ Lean running app. Does not take up too much memory.

Some Negatives:
+ Price is slightly high when converted to Indian Rupees.

Go ahead, give it a shot. I am sure you will like it.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t you know about Soundblaster card’s features such as creative recorder and creative wave studio which does similar work? It comes with the hardware. If you don’t have soundblaster cards, this software makes sense. I have been doing this for 7 years now.

  2. andyspeak says:

    nice to know that you have been doing this for 7 long years. Very impressed I must say.

    Well I dont have a sound blaster card. I just have the inbuilt sound card on my PC Motherboard.

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