The new trick of credit card companies!

How many times have you cringed at receiving an unsolicited call from a Susheela/Keeri/Rakhi or an Archana asking you if wanted a life time free credit card? You said no and they say, “….but its free no, sir!”. If you lost count….just read on.
With a lot being written in the media about these type of tele-marketing calls, and mostly the vendors being criticized for their insensitivity towards customer privacy, I actually expected that the calls would go down. But much to my dismay nothing has changed.
The calls had reached a stage where I would disconnect immediately, after a stern “NO”. And I am sure many others would have done the same thing.
And that’s why these credit card companies have now devised with a new trick. Their first goal is to engage the unsuspecting customer in a conversation. And then try to pitch their product. Here’s the approximate transcript of a telemarketing call from the call centre of the world’s local bank, trying to sell me a lifetime free credit card, which I received the day before yesterday.
caller: Hello! Am I speaking to Mr. Anand
Me: yep! who is this?
caller: Good evening sir, I had called you 2 days back and you had asked me to call on wednesday. (the ploy here is based on the assumption that most professionals are so busy that they wouldn’t remember who they gave time to. This way, they can make it look as if **you asked me to call you – so this call is NOT unsolicited!**)
Me: about what?
caller: About the life-time free credit card that we are offerring to professionals like you!
Me: I remember clearly, I didnt give time to anyone.
caller: No sir, you must have forgotten. (again trying to put the onus on the customer – that it is he/she who asked to be called).
Me: I don’t remember {I admit I actually fell for the bait 😦 } and I dont want a credit card thank you.
….and I promptly disconnected!
These credit card companies are becoming a nuisance every day! Actually they are given a script with possible responses/exceptions from customes and some standard lines on how to handle them and try to convert it into a sale. The above seems to be the latest in their bag of tricks given the fact that most customers disconnect, the moment they hear the word “credit-card” or “personal-loan”.
The irony of all this hard-sell is that you never find a decent deal of personal-loan or auto-loan when you *actually* need one!
Even the “do-not-disturb” lists of phone companies dont seem to be all that effective, although I havent tried it yet. Has anyone tried the “DND” service??? Do post a comment on what you think about the service.
And also do share here (click on comments) if you fell for a similar trick!

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  1. cj says:

    Yeah anna what you have come up with is very true in this living world.. i have not reached a stage to call myself a complete professional in what i do, but still i am being bombarded with calls from various banks, which are existing and which will exist in the future.. he he :-).. gets on our nerves most of the times…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey man.. I have signed up for the DND options of so many banks.. I did not trust them so I took screenshots of when I signed up! 😉
    The # of unsolicited calls did reduce but it did not stop completely..


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