The New Format KBC

Ok, so the buzz is that KBC-3 (or triteeeeeya, if you please) is going to be on air soon. And Shahrukh Khan is slated to host the show, replacing the inimitable Big B.
well, as of today it is pointless debating whether SRK will be able to match up to Big B or not. Infact, I feel it is outright stupid to even compare the two. But yes one thing is for sure, I would not like to watch KBC anymore, because I was one of the millions of viewers, who used to watch that show, not for the moolah, but just to see Amitabh Bachchan. His class and charisma, is what brought many people, night after night, to their TV sets.
It is true that SRK will bring in a certain level of freshness to the show, but hey, that thought would have held water, if the previous host was someone else!! But here we are talking of a host, who was much bigger than the show and its format and its sundry other nitty grittys.
The people who sat in the hot seat felt victorious even before the first question was asked, just by meeting Mr. Bachchan.
I doubt SRK can ever re-create that magic in a 100 years.

Yes he would do his job of hosting the show and yes he may also manage to woo the young female crowd (at least that is what the channel owners believe…but they probably forgot that SRK is just an aging man trying too hard at youth – there is a total lack of grace in him).
But then he will reduce KBC to “just another show that came on TV!”

My verdict – A BIG THUMBS DOWN. – KBC has always been strongly related with the class and persona of the Big B.


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  1. Sudha says:

    Hey, It has been quite a while since I read your blog. I completely disagree with you on SRK being an “aging man trying too hard at youth”. And he lacks grace!!! Common! He’s smart, witty and does a great job on the show. You probably wrote this post before even the first episode aired. Watch the show now. I’m not saying that he’s better than the Big B, but he has his own style. He makes me laugh and thats what I want 🙂

  2. andyspeak says:

    I guess you are right. I did post this much before the new KBC was aired and more than an critical appraisal, it was a outburst of an irrtated Bachchan fan.
    I still insist on the futility of comparison between the two.

    But yes I also admit that, after seeing a couple of epsides of the new KBC, SRK is slowly finding his own ground. And establishing his style of doing stuff. There are several areas of improvement but those are not relevant here.

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