video Rental (Service Sucks Big Time)

After reading the reviews, here I sincerely feel that had I cared to search for them around 1 week ago, I could have saved so much of energy, wasted on shouting at the people (Bangalore).

Here’s my expereince (a rather lousy one):

On Friday Evening my wife and I decided to go for a video rental subscription from, as we had received a 1st Month Unlimited offer coupon along with a DVD player that we purchased in the past. So we call up the customer  care no, and get things moving at a brisk pace.. I.e. online id created and movies (around 10) added to shipping queue. We were assured that the 1st two movies would be delivered to us the next morning (Saturday) around 10:00 am and we could pay our membership fee 199 + Refundable deposit of 999, when we get the discs.

Ok! Saturday Came! we were all excited about the movies and all, so no plans of going out! But 10:00 am went by……no sign of the movies. Called the call centre and was informed that the delivery man has left and should reach around 12:00 noon……….12:00 noon also cocked a snook at us and passed by.. No movies yet!

One more call to the call centre revealed that we would “definitely” receive the DVDs by 2:00 pm.
Guess what?
2:00 pm also came and went by… no movie. This time I waited till 4:00 pm before calling and I was informed helpfully that they could not contact their delivery guy, because his cellphone was not working (huh? whose problem is that anyway??) and that he may reach my doorstep “any moment”.

Wow … they say “any moment!”……but many thousand moments later, it was 10:00 pm in the night (if you remember a few paragraphs ago, all this started a good 12 hours ago)

Around 10:15 pm We received a call from the supposed delivery man, asking for directions, and that was the last straw. He was blasted with all the pent up frustration of the whole day…… and was sent running with his tail between his legs…

The next day, we received calls from seventymm apologising and asking for a second chance…

Hey!! if this is the quality of service that they plan to deliver, they can forget about doing business. I did read a lot of rave reviews from customers, but after my own experience and reading reviews here, I strongly believe, they all must be made up and put by the company itself!

What I do appreciate is that the concept (which ofcourse may have been flicked by a wannabe entrepreneur who just went abroad and was impressed and wanted to start something in India), is interesting but what the owner of seventymm has failed to realize that a very very strong and reliable distribution network is the *BACKBONE* and THE ESSENCE of success in this type of a venture. And precisely that is lacking.

Just creating a snazzy website is not enough. If you are charging money from people, you also have to give some value to the customer. No longer can a business afford to take the customer for granted and treat him shabbily (sadly most businesses in Karnataka do  just that!).

WHat was more upsetting in the whole episode, was that inspite of willing to pay the price, the quality service is not available. And that is extremely frustrating.

To conclude, as of today their service levels are absolutely horrible. Who knows, over a period of time (if they actually manage to survive, that is) they may improve. But as of today, their service is very bad and absolutely unacceptable. I would not recommend this service to anybody, rather I would dissuade my close acquaintances from wasting money on such bad service.


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  1. Ira Tondon says:

    Hi Anand,

    Try our service: You can read feedback from our members here:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anand,

    The Strong dosage clearly helps us to be cautious about the need to validate and get the customer response before opting for services

    Thanks for penning it down in detail

    Suresh GP

  3. Sherry says:

    Well that helped.. I was contemplating going in for a subscription, I dropped the plan. Thanks!

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