Lets Drive Better!

About a month ago, I had written a post, criticizing the driving skills of most people in Bangalore.
(honk.honk…) . After quite some driver bashing, I thought why not put together a few thoughts which, according to me, should improve the driving experience in this city. When I come to think of it, the previous post merely made me a noisy spectator of the problem, if not directly a part of it. It would be a lot better If I tried to be part of the solution. So here are a few things which I usually do when I am driving on the road (ok…once in a while I dont do them too….but I am only human and try to be good as much as possible).
The government does not have the time/nor the resources to encourage good driving skills among users. And the car companies, they are just interested in the number of car’s sold.
But we are all so called educated people who drive around the city, so why not use the internet as a medium to spread this awareness? Out of the 100s of readers, if even 5-10% actually decide to change their driving habits, it would have a tremendous impact. Do leave me your comments and suggestions, and corrections, if any! let’s make driving around a pleasent and a slightly less time consuming affair.

  1. Decide on which side of the road you want to drive and stick to that lane. And Dont try to “double-lane” – there are just countless vehicles, who have one set of wheels in one lane and the other set in another lane….just waiting to pounce on the opportunity to cut into any lane which shows some signs of space.
  2. If you are going to change lanes, for god’s sake use the indicators… And you would be surpried to know, they dont run on petrol (pun intended)..so use them.
  3. Keep Distance….I can say that again. Keep Distance… Learn to differentiate between ‘BUM’ and ‘BUMper’. You may find the former, sexy, but the latter is part of a car, which can get damaged when an idiot drives too close to it…..and is unable to apply brakes just in time.
  4. Erecting traffic signals have cost the government money. And you would be interested to know that the “money” is actually the tax which you so unhappily pay to the government. So, effectively you have paid for the damn thing. So why not use it? What is the mad rush about? Wait for the ‘green’ to flash befor you cross the stop line. Please respect it.
  5. And if the green is switching to amber, try to slowdown rather than trying for a ‘mad-dash’ before it turn’s red again. It would be a lot safer for you, and also for a lot of other unsuspecting victims.
  6. If you plan to turn left or right, decide atleast 100-150 mtrs. in advance, and switch to the appropriate lane. Have the patience to wait, if you see 3-4 vehicles infront of you in the same lane. Dont be greedy and block the lane for straight going traffic. And also dont stand the extreme opposite end of the road, vis-a-vis your turn. i.e. It is a very common sight in Bangalore to see people, who want to turn right, standing on the left-most lane..and then stopping the entire traffic by veering to the middle of the road to make their turn.
  7. Please leave your ego at home. Preferably keep it in the refrigerator…so that it remains nice and preserved whe you get back home safely. Chances are you wont need it :-). If someone is trying to enter a gap, try to control the urge to floor the pedal and “not allow” that person to get in.
  8. Please respect the pedestrian. zipping past them is scary. Rest assured, that this is India, and NOBODY will sue you if you zip past them or even slightly bump them. But why must that thought make us reckless drivers??? The next time you see someone trying to cross the street, try stopping and let them pass, it wont cost you more than 2-3 minutes.. try it.

Well those are what I felt could improve the drive to a very minimal extent. And this is not a ‘holier-than-thou’ sermon.. just a few thoughts… So do drop in your comments/suggestions/criticisms. And feel free to fwd this link to as many people as you want!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice initiative indeed!!!
    Hope lot of people drop in to your blog and your initiative pays!

    God Bless!

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