Motorola C-168 Phone Review.

I have been a strong Motorola Fan, for the past 2 years. Infact ever since I laid my hands on the chunky E-398, it was the beginning of my romance with the brand. too bad motorola doesnt make me its brand ambassador.
After using that phone, I got totally hooked on to the interface. I liked more because of the fact that I was using each and every feature that the phone had to offer, right upto using the phone as a bluetooth modem. And some of the features were unique to the phone, such as the repeat feature of recurring calender events. I just did not find it in any other make model. Finally the phone met with an accident and conked off.
And after several months of juggling multiple models of various makes, I had now reached a stage where I needed a cellphone for the basic purpose for which it was originally designed.. Communication!. I am done with playing mp3 On the Mobile Phone and watching videos and playing all sorts of sundry games on the crammed screen.
And this quest of mine, looking for a low cost/reasonably featured phone, which did not boast to be microwave/tv/fridge/rocket all rolled into one, I stumbled upon this model in a shop. This was the C-168. It was a small phone, with most of the features of the E-398, especially interface. Functionally very good. And the phone was……just that! A phone. One which you would mostly use to make and receive calls. Not to take pictures and not to watch your favorite movie clip. But yes inspite of this it has an intersting addon of the fm radio.
That was something which I was steering clear for quite some time but this time thought of giving it a try. And I dont regret my decision one bit!. It has very good reception and has a stable digital tuner.
Some of the other key features which I regularly use are :

  • the calender;
  • alarm clock (with snooze). Now the best thing about the alarm clock is that it works even when the phone is switched off. Thats a blessing. Otherwise in the past I was stuck with phones that had to stay “on” for the alarm clock to work.;
  • basic calculator;
  • wap enabled browser….decent!
  • The phone book has an improvement! It now has drill down search and displays numbers in a very userfriendly manner.\
  • two language sms texting facility. (you get to choose the second language from a list, the first one being english)

And thats all.. No more frills….. And the phone itself is very light and compact.
On the shortcomings, I didnt find too many but yes they could have done something about the calender(reminders) not working when the phone is switched off.. That is something which i liked in the old E-398.

So if you are looking for a cellphone, to …. well communiate and text only. This is an excellent choice.


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