honk..honk!!…..no offense :-P

Not being an international traveller, I have heard from people that in most countries, other than mine, honking while driving is frowned upon severely. Infact, people are offended if sombody honks at them on the road. Oh my my! I was surprised to hear this.
Infact on deeper introspection, I realize that if people are offended by honking, it means that they would otherwise follow each and every rule of the road, to the “T”. And if you indicate you want to turn by turning on the orange blinkers, they would slow down and let you pass. And if you flash your head lights, they would let you overtake. And if you apply breaks, they maintain sufficient distance, so that they can stop without kissing your car’s bum.. oh my god! all this was too much for me go gulp down my narrow throat!
Nothing of this sort happens in my great country, and the condition is especially worse in the “so called” silly-con valley of India 🙂

Funny, that nobody is offended by honking. Infact, in most instances, honking is the *only* univrsally accpted signalling methodology on the great Indian Roads.

Some interesing facts about driving in Bangalore, Karnataka:

  1. You would never return by the same route, by which you reached your destination in the first place. One-ways are the easiest way to nirvana for the traffic cops here :-p.
  2. On a narrow stretch of road, if you flash your lights to an oncoming car (spl mention of the yellow board cabs), indicating that he slow down so you can pass, the oncoming driver would flash back at you and keep trundling at your direction. Invariably you slowdown and let the tornado pass. So basically people think that you are trying to show off that your car has head lamps – and they flash back in return saying that they have them too.
  3. The bikes…..oh the common man’s reliable means of commuting.. they have this ability to fill out even an iota of vacant space on the road, and from all directions. The rules of overtaking, i.e. Signal; wait for side; pass from the right side, just do not apply to this category. They can and will cut lanes like crazy and thank the low ground clearance of most vehicles, lest they would overtake from the bottom too. And if they screw up, it is never their fault. Because they have a serious complex against people in cars. And if you see one cutting across your lane, you would be wasting time, indicating or signalling him with your lights (probably end up with a fused bulb in the bargain)! The only effective signal is to blare your horn so that he takes notice, and if you are lucky, not fall infront of your car :-p.
  4. If there are any psychology students, out there, who are currently researching and trying to understand what is the meaning of the term “ego”….. search no more. Just drive for a day in Bangalore traffic and you would know exactly what it means. The bigger the vehicle, the more the arrogance and indiscipline. On round-abouts, several times, there are gridlocks because cars from all four directions come in and block each other;’s way. What is extremely disheartening is that these are the same “supposedly-educated” people, who otherwise speak of decency and discipline and all the other goody-goody stuff. But the moment they hit the road they become this total ruffian. Cutting lanes and not giving right of way. What really irritates is that when someone is seeing that you are passing and the idiot comes right infront of you and blocks your way. Disgusting… to say the least! Once again, express yourself…..honk as loud as you can.
  5. And to top it all, the traffic cops, puppets anyway, pack up and go home the moment it is 8:00 pm. After that it is a “free-for-all”. And the moment they see heavy traffic, they seldom try to manage it unless there is a senior officer present.

So basically for an instant feeling of glory and victory, drive on Bangalore roads and honk away..

nobody is offended anyways!!!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to add another extension to last point here. The Traffic Police here doesnot have any respect or Status. People run-away very easily if they have violated some traffic rule…as Policeman cannot trace him//her in such a huge traffic.
    And if the Traffic is more, Policeman will keep his hands folded and will be standing on a corner of the cross, pretending as if he’s not present at that place.
    What a pathetic situation…these policeman even donot follow traffic rules..I have seen their patrollng vehicles…who have all the rights to break all the traffic rules…
    Even they patrol after getting full drunk. The problem here’s that policeman even doesnot know well, how to manage the traffic…the police is very lenient and they leave no chance to fetch money in the form of bribe from people.
    — Anshu

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